Breakfast at La Postreria

13th June 2015 Photo Update

Here’s an aerial view of La Postreria’s “Special Breakfast”.

4 people.

2 Entertainer vouchers.

Total bill = 170 AED. Or, 42.50 AED per person 🙂

Full table

7th February 2015 Update

Went back again this morning, probably the 6th time since our first visit there 🙂 They’ve updated the menu and the La Postreria Special Breakfast is now 85AED but it includes so much more, and you can still use the 2 for 1 which is super. Probably our weekly breakfast spot 😀


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Original post

L-R, Arabic , English and American Breakfast

Friday morning I took the girls to The Beach for a wander 🙂 The weather is so cool now, isn’t it. Families pushing prams, kids running around, early morning swims. Ah, I love it there.

Kept walking, and we got to La Postreria and I noticed it was fairly busy with families have breakfast. I had a voucher for this spot, and the lady said you could use it for their Special breakfast sets.

Ok then, why not 😀

So my plate came, with potatoes, beef bacon, two eggs sunny sides up, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes. A bowl of pastries – muffins, bread, croissants. A glass of any fresh juice you wish, I had orange. And a pot of english breakfast tea.

Say you went with your husband, and both of you had that. How much would it cost you? Sitting outside on the terrace, cool breeze, by the beach.

Just 60AED.

Damn 🙂

PS – I’ve ran out of vouchers for this place. Can I have yours, so G and I can go when he’s back? 😉

  • La Postreria UAE
  • The Beach, JBR
  • 044303174
  • Special Breakfasts, 55/60/85AED for 2, with Entertainer voucher
  • You can park in the basement carparking, and get the restaurant to validate the token

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