#30 Why didn’t anyone tell me about the new cycling track?

Bought a new bicycle on Saturday (it’s bright orange, hee hee) so we decided to take it out on a test ride tonight.

Off we went over the bridge towards Grosvenor, crossed the road cutting through Botanica’s carpark, breezed passed Le Royal Meridien and turned right onto The Walk. It’s quiet at the early stretch until you hit Hilton where The Beach starts. So we tried to cycle as ‘low-key’ as possible on the new pavements, in case the security boys told us off 😉

Got right to the end, crossed under the bridge illuminated by the blue lights. Walked a bit adjacent to the traffic, The Jewel to our right. Turned at the intersection over the bridge, Orra Marina in front of us. Did a U-ie back down to the marina, and closed the loop all the way home, passing by Pier 7, the mall, and all the many families, couples, those who run and many a random ones who sit on the chairs playing their phone 😉


As we got near home, we passed by a big fat cat sitting on the pavement, minding his own business. Did any of you see him? So cute 😀

It was a supposedly 23 degrees or so tonight. Everyone was out. Loved it. So we thought, why not carry on.

Cycled in the middle of Elite and Pinnacle, turned right towards 23 Marina to the lights. Crossed over, Media One to our right, the park to the left. Here it got a bit awkward as we were half on grass, half on walkway, then oops, it stops, haha.

We turned left into Media City, Radisson Blu t o our right, CNN to our left. When we got to the end of the road, we thought, let’s keep going! And then… this is when we found…

Voila! A proper, cycling track!


What, why didn’t anyone tell us about this?

I knew about the tram. Everyone knows about the tram. But I didn’t realize RTA had built a proper cycling track adjacent to the tram-way which runs all the way from the marina up to all the stations. Thanks to google, I found a an article on it which basically outlines the whole track linking all 11 stations except between 5-7. It was just G and I going up Al Sufouh, till Knowledge Village. It was great 😀


Probably great also because no one else was on it. (Mixed feelings about writing this article ha ha)

RTA had also built bicycle racks next to all the tram stations which is perfect. Why didn’t they do the same at the metro stops I’m not sure. 

Kudos to Dubai for thinking about making it a bit more bicycle friendly 😀 We’ll attempt to check out the rest of the route over the week !

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