Go Geisha Ladies Night @ Asia Asia, Pier 7

After an amazing (birthday) dinner at Atelier M , G and I headed down to Asia Asia to meet up with the rest of the crew. First time, and many thanks to CR for suggesting the spot *waves*

Lift door opens onto the 6th floor, to be greeted by 28 golden monks. Don’t panic, they’re just statues. How appropriate ay, to spend the rest of my birthday there, on the 28th of October, hee hee.

Birdcages hung off the ceiling

Signed in for the 3 tokens, and we were led in to find our friends.

First impressions – love the interior. As the venue name would suggest it is Asian-themed with bird cages hung off the ceilings, red couches, cosy boothes, kwan-yin-like statues and o deary me even the ping ma yungs (terracotta warriors)  made it, lol. Felt a little bit too much but hey, there isn’t enough bars with chopsticks on the table so we were happy 🙂


What you get – For ladies night, you get a selection or red, white and 2 cocktail choices. I recommend the haruka (did I get it right?) – which is lychee-based. Anything lychee, I’m having it 🙂 They start early ay, from 6pm onwards till 1am.

The views at the terrace, as you would get anywhere off Pier 7 is beautiful.


Service – Something they might need to work on, as it was fairly slow last night. We were a group of 8 or so in the booth and it was a) difficult to wave down the staff and b) after ordering the drinks, it seemed to take forever to come. Maybe better next time? 🙂

So there you go, another spot for you to go to on Tuesdays. Definitely taking friends who are visiting there 😀

If you wanna make it a big night, head down to Cargo at 9pm as they do Ladies nights on the same night as well, something on my to-do list 🙂

I’m officially adding Pier 7 to my ‘Favourites’ list, hee hee. One by one.

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13 thoughts on “Go Geisha Ladies Night @ Asia Asia, Pier 7

  1. I’ve been to Cargo but it was for dinner, not on a ladies night, and I highly recommend it. The food was excellent and the service was good too. Looking forward to your write up 🙂

      1. I had the duck pad thai which was delish!!!! My friend had the veg curry which he said was yummy too… and I’ve been told the burger is also really good!
        Enjoy 🙂

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