#27 Night time Construction

Photos like these, you’ll only see it now.

The finished product – once the cladding, the facade is on, is beautiful – but no one ever sees what’s underneath. The concrete, the steelwork, the bare structure.

The hard work that the people in the industry put into – from the client, to consultants (yes, architects too – I haven’t forgotten you πŸ˜‰ ), to contractors, to the many labourers who work long hours and nights (It’s 11pm when I took these photos) – I don’t think anybody really cares about ay.

So here’s my little salute to us all. EspeciallyΒ to these people wearing blue overalls, standing on the odd 20+ floor in the marina, fixing reinforcement.

I guess all of us living here just have to put up with the neverending noise of drilling, cutting, and of trucks reversing (they are always, always reversing) πŸ™‚

I think I’ll miss this when and if we ever move from here ay.




Afternote – Good news for all Dubai residents, Dubai Municipality is finally doing something about the noise pollution! See here.

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