2B Launch @ Armani Hotel

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Arrived fashionably late, thinking that we would have missed half the show. But hey, this is Dubai. Everything starts late 🙂 And so we sat there people watching, sweat trickling down my neck. I picked up the serviette and dabbed my forehead. I told G if he could help me with my glistening back but we figured it probably wouldn’t look so glamorous………, especially when you’re at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, dining at Armani Hotel 🙂 Dammit, I’ll try and sweat glamorously then.

The show kicked off, and who the best to host other than Kris Fade. Honestly man, I think you did a fab job. We thought you were genuinely, funny. We had a few of the 2B cocktails – it was alright. It’s a fruit drink 😀

We just loved being there. Meeting new people, fountains to the right, Burj to the left, and a bit of sweat all around. Dubai’s awesome 🙂

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