Hydrafacial @ Beverly Hills Aesthetic and Medical Centre

When I first got the invite to the launch, I was a bit sceptical of turning up….. worried that someone from work would see me walking into something with the words “Beverly Hills” and “Aesthetic” in Jumeirah, haha. Oooo, is she getting a nose job? Boob job? 😉

But I thought, hey, let’s check out what this place is.

Interestingly enough it is just a Medical centre, and they do treatments for hair, facials and body. And what girl doesn’t like getting their skin fixed, if they have problems 🙂

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Much after the launch event, I was invited to try out their Hydrafacial. Excited for sure, as my face was still on its long-winding path of healing and does still have its occasional pimples and blackheads.


I read through the brochure and did some research on Google. I was nervous, as Step 2 included “Acid Peel”, and that brought back the horrible TCA Peel memories from two years ago. I enquired, and was advised that it is a very gentle peel, and nothing like a TCA.

Okay then, let’s give it a go 🙂

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So, what exactly happens?

Step 1 – Cleansing and Exfoliation.

Dr. Rehab cleansed my face twice as I had gone straight from work with BB cream on. I liked that she had used gloves, but it still felt okay on the skin during the cleansing. With exfoliation (as well as for all the other steps), she uses the Vortex-fusion which feels like a mini vacuum cleaner for the face. She manually guides it all over your face as it removes dead skin cells to reveal supposedly ‘healthy new skin’ 😉

Step 2 – Acid Peel

When Dr. Rehab moved onto the next step, I honestly thought she was still on the exfoliation. As I have oily skin, she started with glycolic acid. I didn’t feel any stingy sensation! Similar to Step 1, she uses the vortex-fusion to apply this on all over. Only when my whole face was covered did I feel a slight stingy sensation. It was alright.

Next, was salicylic acid. Same deal 🙂

Step 3 – Extractions

My favourite part of any facial. Because I know bad things are getting removed! Now with the Hydrafacial it’s a littttle different to the standard manual squeeze and extract procedure. This is a painless procedure using the vortex suction to clean out the pores. Now I don’t know how effective this is with removing deeply embedded blackheads ay. Still sceptical. I’ve been to two manual extractions of late so there’s not too much crap left (or so I think) so didn’t quite mind this gentle extraction. 

Step 4 – Hydration

Oooo, this was nice. You know how you lather yourself with body butter after you shower and you feel like you’re feeding skin with essential oils. Well it’s the same except an intense application of it on your face.

Dr. started with anti-oxidants, and then some sorta peptides, and lastly with Hyaluronic Acid (which is to hydrate your face). Everything is applied with the Vortex-fusion so that your face absorbs it properly and drinks it all down. Mmmmm.

The last steps are not in the brochure, but what I do recall is I was placed a paper mask doused in Hyaluronic Acid, and she uses light treatment all over. Dr. started with blue light treatment supposedly for my oily skin, and then finishes with red light treatment which supposedly deals with all the marks.

How did you feel throughout the treatment?

Generally pretty comfortable. I was a wee bit cold because of the air-con but that’s just something else 😉 No pain. A wee stingy sensation after the glycolic acid treatment but like I said, just a little.

Did you notice any instant effects afterwards? 

Tough question. Skin definitely looked very plumped and glowy from all the antioxidants and hydration. Slight redness as well from the peel. However, the slight fine lines were still there. I’ll update this after a few days as well, watch this space. 

3 weeks on, 7th of Sept. Breakouts all over again. It’s not the Hydrafacial’s fault I’m sure, it’s just my bad skin 🙁 

How much is it?

450AED, fairly steep but considering what you actually get, I think it’s pretty well-priced. Some facials in hotels cost just the same but I doubt you are getting a proper medical treatment like this.

Try it out, let me know how you find it 🙂 Many thanks to the beautiful Dr. Rehab for taking care of me.

  • Beverly Hills – Aesthetic & Medical Centre
  • Jumeirah 2, Al Wasl Road. Villa No.460,
  • 04-3495528

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