Phytoceane Facial @ Kalm Holistic Spa

No pretty photos, just a short review, for those who have shit skin and would like someone to fix it for you 🙂

I’ve been to a few facials around Dubai (Cleopatra, Bloomingdales’ Elemis, Saray, Sanctuary to name a few)…. most do not offer extraction as they reckon it’s not good for your skin. I’ve tried the ‘don’t touch it’, ‘drink lots of water sleep 8 hours don’t put anything on your skin tactic’ and it does not work for me. So if you are like me, and you have pimples/blackheads/whiteheads and you desperately need help, I highly recommend the facials at Kalm. The lovely girls, they do extraction professionally, and they do it well.

I’ve tried both their Kalm Facial and Phytoceane Facials, the difference is the stuff that they use and they adjust according to skin type/age. Talk to them if you want details 🙂

My skin was so bad I was contemplating going to a dermatologist or fancy skin doctor. I’m glad I just gave Kalm a shot with my face, looks like it’s a lot better now, let’s see how it goes in the next week or so 🙂 Many thanks Juvy 🙂

  • Kalm Holistic Spa
  • The Palm, between Shoreline 7&8/ where Riva Beach Club is
  • 04 451 9988
  • I think full price is about 350AED, which is… not cheap, but when they have their monthly promo’s, sometimes it will be included in their package and it’s 30% off which makes it ‘not so bad’! Unfortunately it’s not in the Entertainer Body book ay, but every now and then there will be comps on Virgin or magazines, so watch out for those 😉


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