A night in Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

4:05 pm Kathmandu time, we’ve only just departed 7 minutes ago and currently at 5634m in the air. Humbling to know that Mt Everest is at 8848m and about 100 people attempt to climb it each year. Amazing. Definitely not something in G or my bucket list 😉 Maybe a plane ride over it next time.


Onto Hyatt, our home for the first two nights in Kathmandu 🙂


We checked in close to midnight on Thursday, July 24th. First impressions were not super, the driveway up was not very lit up, the main entrance at midnight was fairly dark. We were politely greeted by concierge and proceeded to the counter. Things were much better after we got to our rooms, it was spacious and was on a high floor, which we only found out the next morning that it overlooked the Boudhanath Stupa 🙂


As an overall, we were happy with our stay in Hyatt. Breakfast was good and the service was comparable to that in Dubai. The gym was fairly equipped and I had a good swim in their outdoor pool as well. They have a jogging track around the hotel and if you’re lucky you’ll see lil squirrels out about 🙂 We didn’t get the chance to check out the museum and tennis courts, our itenary was just packed out in the day time.

As we have booked through Thamel Tours, we paid for an overall lump sum for all 4 nights inclusive of tours. I’ve just checked out the prices on their website and it is fairly reasonable for what you get, ranging from 130USD to 190USD to the club rooms.



Special mention to Mamata and the other chap (sorry I didn’t get your name), who organised for canapes to be done when we had slightly missed the happy hour on Friday evening. It was a nice gesture 🙂


I highly suggest you choose Hyatt if you’re looking for a bit of comfort during your stay in Kathmandu, especialy if you’re “slightly” spoilt with life in the sandpit 😉 It’s reasonably priced, and although it’s not as grand as the Jumeirah Hotels in Dubai (where you’ll be paying 3x more), but if you want something close to luxury there, that’s Hyatt for you 🙂


The only reason we ended up with Hyatt was because Thamel Tours had advised us that Hotel Shanker, our initial option was fully booked for our dates there. Quite a bit of a top up for Hyatt but well worth it 🙂

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