St Tro-Babes Ladies Night @ Villa Romana

Last time we were here, was nearly a year ago for the beach brunch.Β Β Absolutely loved it πŸ™‚


I’ve seen the photos on FB for the ladies night, heard about this Bentley promo on the radio, so I thought – alright, let’s check this place out. Wouldn’t hurt to win a Bentley, hehehe.


Rocked up around 8:30pm, walked from lobby (exercise for the day, done!) all the way pass XL to Villa Romana. Hint : You could take the buggy, if you want πŸ™‚


The entrance outside is pretty at night, the weather is still fairly cool (28degrees) and just nice. Walked up the stairs, to be welcomed by a stunningly beautiful hostess. Found C by the bar, and so our night started.


To be honest it was pretty quiet when we were there. Advertisements stated canapes, but it really was skewered fruits and marshmallows with a chocolate fountain. I almost went there with an empty stomach, but was glad I ate G’s chicken before I left home. Aw, I thought canapes were like those in Embassy ay.


But hey, it was a nice mid-week catch up. 3 drinks, my sparkly white was good and kept me happy till 10:30pm. The interior is cosy, live dj, loved the music. They had a fashion show thing going on as well. What it definitely lacks, is people. Β So go fill up the couches next week!

To the really charming bartender who took care of us that night, I didn’t get your name but you know who you are – thanks πŸ™‚


  • Β St Tro-Babes Ladies Night
  • Villa Romana St Tropez
  • Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa
  • Every Tuesday
  • 3 drinks + complimentary fruit/marshmallow skewers + chocolate fountain πŸ™‚



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