#19 How to get to The Beach in good mood

If you haven’t been to the newly opened The Beach‘ on the….. you guessed it, beach-side of The Walk… you really should!

DSC02566Central area, love it here. They play music on speakers as well, I’m surprised people don’t start dancing or basking ay. Might have to go with the fact that it’s illegal to dance….or bask in public…… 

Now if you’re planning to go, I highly recommend that you do not drive through there unless your sole purpose is to blast the stereo, windows down in your orange Lamborghini. I don’t know about you but we hate getting stuck in traffic 🙁 And if you’ve attempted to go there, you’ll admit that traffic is usually, pretty shit.

So, you ask me, how do we get there?

Hehehe, we do it on two wheels, which will feature in all the shots 🙂

DSC02554Opposite Pappa Roti, our favourite. From Malaysia!

So, if you don’t own a cool pink bicycle and live around here, here’s a few tips on how to get to The Beach in good mood :

a) Find a friend that lives in the marina/JBR, park in their carpark and then suggest, Shall we go for a walk to the newly opened area ?

b) Valet at the easy-to-park hotels for a drink, dinner, then go for a walk after.

To me, these are the easy-to-park hotels before you get onto the nightmare stretch. This is if you’re coming from north (i.e Downtown, towards marina) :


Turn at the first turn on the right onto JBR (Noodle Room will be on your left), turn right again. Go have a meal or drinks at these awesome resorts before a nice walk down The Walk. Recommend Rhodes Twenty10 in LRM (exquisite food), and Underground Pub in Habtoor Grand (if you don’t mind lil english pub with a lot of loud men).


Self-park in Bahar, you can access this on Al Sufouh Road as well. That way you don’t need to get onto The Walk, but you’re literally there. Have a meal in Ramada, we really enjoyed their Friday brunch at Speakeasy (live music, kiwi dude on the guitar, female singer’s got an amazing voice too). Try the sunset brunch at Pure Sky Lounge. You’re literally on The Walk across from The Beach.


 Another shot at the central area, gorgeous facade design

c) You could take a taxi, but a lot of taxi drivers refuse to go to JBR nowadays. Even if you do take it, I don’t suggest you get dropped off on The Walk itself unless you have alllllllllll the time in the world. Get off on Al Sufouh and walk down. Don’t be lazy.

DSC02591Lifts go down to the carpark I believe, this is near Reel Cinemas, soon to be opened

I‘m sure there’s 101 other ways to get there The Walk, share if you have some other tips!


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And here’s a lil snapshot of me cruising around 🙂

Ps – If you’re an ‘adult’, you’re not allowed to cycle on the new part of The Beach (i.e the photo above) as you’ll get screamed at by the security guards. You’re fine on the old pavement side and road. So cycle to JBR from wherever you live closeby, but when you get onto new tiles (or when you see security), just jump off and walk. 

Pps – Remember to slap on some sunscreen before you hit the beach as well. Some people get completely sunburnt after spending an hour there 😀

Ppps – Salute to Meraas and all those involved into making this happen. We love it.

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  1. Great photos of a lovely area – I cannot wait for all the shops and restaurants to be open. And the running track! Hopefully though it gets used by RUNNERS and not moms pushing prams (as I’ve already seen a few times 🙁 )

    1. Yeah, shops opening one by one isn’t it 🙂 It’s gorgeous early evenings when the sun is setting! Lol on the running track comment – we just need more runners so people know what it’s meant for 😉

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