Zheng He @ Mina A’ Salam

1 hour before we have to get ready for our Nien Chu Yi dinner at Shanghai Chic, so I’ll keep this short and sweet πŸ™‚

Last night we went to Zheng He at Mina A’ Salam for tuan yuan fan. Beautiful setting next to the waterway, overlooking the Burj. I was so hopeful that there will be fireworks, boo boo. Least they made an effort, lion dances, chinese dancing, and live guzheng. The cymbal clapping was a bit off to be honest, hahaha. When we heard it from afar we thought it sounded like a giant robot walking towards us. C’mon, you should at least get your dong dong chiang right for the chinese folks πŸ™‚

Still had a great night though. There’s a CNY menu but we managed to do Ala Carte. Food was yum, although portions really small for the price. I guess it’s just Dubai-chinese-food in-hotel price ay, sigh, and we couldn’t use the Entertainer Voucher so that’s a bummer. I’ll say, definitely give it at least one visit, chinese or not – but only with, your entertainer voucher. Recommend the pan-fried beef medallion in sweet red wine jus. Oven baked honey cod fish was really good. Ma Po Tofu was a bit disappointing.

DSC02313Β DSC02314



  • Zheng He
  • Mina A’ Salam
  • +971 4 3666730

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