District Lounge @ DIFC


(Sorry I couldn’t find a photo that didn’t have #mrmustard1 in it πŸ˜‰ )

Last Thursday the bunch of us ventured down to DIFC for a night out. It was G and I’s first time to a bar in DIFC (and no, we’ve never even been to Zuma!). We got to Capital Gate and managed to find our way up to Gate 3 – then the luxurious District Lounge. It was fairly quiet at 9:30pm – we thought that it was going to be really early night.

A few vodka and cranberries later, people started pouring in. Now, the lounge is not exactly the biggest but you don’t need that to have an awesome night out.

Music was superb. Must had been a mixture of 90’s and current, so we had N-Sync, Jamiroquai, Britney + old school RnB and Rap. It was also Ladies night on Thursday (!) – with girls getting 2 cocktails and canapes. I cannot remember the name of the charming bartender who served us but he makes the best cocktails ever. Romania? Was that where you were from?


Definitely somewhere I’ll recommend to friends who stay in that area. It’s a bit of a taxi-ride from our side of town, but next time we go Downtown, I’m coming back for more cocktails. Thanks Rebecca for taking care of us as well πŸ™‚

  • District Lounge
  • Ladies Night – Thursdays
  • 2 cocktails + canapes
  • DIFC – Β Building #3
  • 050 880 2285

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