Villa Romana @ Habtoor Grand Resort

Talk about being underdressed.

We saw a deal on Groupon weeks ago for “Brunch at the Beach” with “Access to the pool and the beach!” Since we’ve been to the one at XL Beach Club before, we figured it must be pretty casual. Told the whole troupe to come in casual i.e t-shirts and shorts. I came in my white shirt and very colourful purple black short-shorts.

Walked in and uh oh – waiters were in suit and ties, very hot waitresses were in red dresses! There was a table adjacent to us, all in shirts and pants. Some of the girls were in proper cocktail dresses. Hahahaha. Goodness gracious.

Anyways that aside, I gotta say we were really impressed with service. It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything on service ay. Hahmad took care of us all afternoon and he was A+++. Drinks were naturally topped up, seats were tucked in for you as you returned. I crossed over our big table of 12 to chat with the girls and had forgotten to bring my nice glass of white with me and without me asking at all, it was nicely brought over. Talk about attentive service. We were all very happy.

On food – no complaints. Fresh sushi, salads, meat, freshly cooked pasta to your liking, desserts and little tubs of London Dairy ice cream. This is all right next to the beach, in a fully air-conditioned “villa” for 175AED per person i.e thanks to Groupon offers. Only reservations would have been the music which was blasting one hour into brunch so we had to scream at each other to have a proper conversation but hey, give it 2 hours and lots of wine, we didn’t quite mind πŸ™‚

Super thanks to Hahmad again!


Drop the cranberries into white – and you’ll get christmas bells πŸ™‚

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