Red Lobster @ The Dubai Mall

Again, just alright.

I’m getting bored now when I blog about things that were just alright. I think I’ll go to bed after this -.-

Reasonable prices.

The bread they served before your meals – that was the best. Clam chowder was good.

Chicken caesar salad – the greens were a bit old (see photo). Shrimp pasta was massive but  a bit too thick/creamy for our liking. Back home we call it ‘muak’. We decided to take the rest home.


IMG_20130613_231720 IMG_20130613_231815

No vouchers to use either 🙁

Now onto service. Cass took us to our table. She needs to smile a wee bit more. Chris was awesome. Friendly, chatty and served us well. Jenny looked like she’s had a horrible day and wanted to go home. Maybe her boss has been giving her a hard time. I don’t know.

I’m going to bring my own food to Dubai Mall next time I go there to shop.

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