Beachcombers Weekend Brunch @ Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Entertainer Fine Dining doesn’t actually have too many bubbly brunch options. Good thing is, the website sometimes gives you Member Offers and we just so happened to see Beachcombers being one of the few on promotion. Yippee!

Its price has gone from 360DHS (from my birthday brunch last November), to 395DHS. That’s quite a big increase isn’t it. And because it was Easter, it was 450DHS, gasp! Anyways, half price with the voucher, it was 225DHS per person,  35 pounds. Pretty good, so we went ahead and brought our two guests there 🙂


Food was as to be expected, similar to when we went last year in November. They had the Curry laksa (yum!), even ais kacang (with jack-fruit! and red-bean! Hehehe), Roti canai and chicken curry (mmm!), and some dim sum. I didn’t even make it to the mains row where they had a lot more Malaysian/Thai yummy dishes.

I quite liked the new signs they added 🙂 It made the whole experience a lot more real!

Of course there were lots to choose from in the entree/appetiser section – oysters, prawns, salads. Some dishes were similar to the dinner buffet we went to few months back as well, click here for more photos, to tantalise your taste buds!

Service was much much better than the last experience, which was quite a relief, since we had guests from overseas! Alice was always there to make our sparkling wine was constantly topped up. G was happy with his Chang beer. The only cocktail you get are  mojitos and that was a bit of a gamble. B’s first was just too much rum and not enough taste, the second was perfect with mint and slushy, the third was just ‘not as good as the second’, and everything else after that was just ‘not as good as the second’, hahaha.

No complaints on my side though, my sparking wine was good 🙂 The drinks order stops at 3:45pm and we then went outside to absorb the evening sun. We then proceeded to the beach to laze on the chairs, sun just behind the Burj, one hand holding a glass of wine, just enjoying ‘life in Dubai’. Hehe!

I recommend it if you want a busy (it was absolutely packed) brunch with a nice view (by the beach!), good South East Asian food, and enough drinks to keep you happy 🙂

  • Beachcombers
  • Friday Brunch
  • 1-4pm
  • Website 
  • +971 4 406 8999
  • Entertainer 2 for 1 for brunch is available in the Dubai book

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