Tamanya Terrace @ Radisson Blu Dubai Media City

Short one.

Didn’t realize how cold it still can be, mid-March! We asked the lady if they could turn the heaters on but they said ‘It doesn’t work, with the wind,’ – lol. Maybe it’ll operate during the calm summer nights?

So Lipsy hosted the ladies night last night at Tamanya Terrace. Girls get 3 drinks, as they normally do on Tuesday’s but they had special “Lipsy” menus for the special event. I had two, the first was some pink drink which was alright. The second was supposed to be a mixture of vodka, baileys, milk and strawberry something. It tasted like watered-down milk 🙁

Feels like my blogs are getting harsher and harsher ay, hahaha. Honest and unbiased, whether or not it’s free 🙂

It’s quite a nice open roof-top bar to be honest. There was enough people to keep a buzz on, but not too packed. We chose a table so all 4 of us could actually hear each other over the music, and they had mixed nuts for a nibble or two. No canapes like Embassy though, haha.

Will probably go back still, just not going to order the watered-down milk next time. I read in What’s On that you can see Dubai Amphitheatre from there, haha. Maybe next time they host events/concerts, we’ll pop by there 😉

  • Tamanya Terrace
  • Tuesdays
  • 3 free drinks
  • 5pm to 2am
  • Radisson Blu DMC

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4 thoughts on “Tamanya Terrace @ Radisson Blu Dubai Media City

  1. It is a beautiful place for drinks after work if you are in Media City. We have been going there for last 4 years & have always loved Tamanya. Drinks are not expensive compare to other places in the neighborhood. Service is consistent & they always recognize us.
    Keep it up the good work!

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