The Zoo Project @ N’Dulge

Honestly – we almost missed out on an awesome night ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a good thing Societe Perrier actually asked what time we were getting there. We were just going to stay in-doors having red wine, chippies and mango, chit chat and chill while the rain poured down all over Dubai. Did you see the endless lightning and thunders roaring through the skies as well?


Crazy, isn’t it.

N’Dulge nightclub is a real posh club in Atlantis, The Palm. I keep seeing lots of events being hosted there on FB but never really anyone that I was super keen to see. Apparently it was Zoo Project‘s first time in Dubai. Thought we’ll make a bit of an effort with dressing up, so it’s good I bought that leopard print ‘jump-suit’ from Splash two weeks ago. 100AED well-spent, haha.

Upon arrival at ground floor, and checked in quite smoothly.I’ve had a few bad experiences with this whole ‘your name will be on the list’ thing. Half the time they will look at me blank and then out comes the phone, scroll through emails, etc. Two thumbs up to Societe for superb organising skills.

We got to the entrance and wow – nice. Lit blue and red, photobooths, and they had a little area to do your animal make-up for you if you wish to. J was so keen to get hers done ha ha. So I joined in as well. Why not?


Cheers to Societe, we had a table, with a bottle of Absolut Vodka, bottomless cranberry juice as mixers, cans of Red Bull and cans of Societe Perrier’s own Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. I’m going to be honest here (as I usually am) – I’ve seen their name here and there but I never actually knew what they do. (Sorry guys – I’m sure it’s just me, he he). Well now I do ๐Ÿ˜€


It was a fun night of chit chat and laughter. Thought the dancers on the mini stages was really cool as well. Reminded me of those at Atelier – though I enjoyed this much more than that because of the 18+ policy ๐Ÿ˜‰


The other girls joined in much later on and eventhough I was real keen to dance after midnight there really wasn’t anyone on dance floor. There were a lot of people (and nice-looking girls as well), but everyone was just kind of standing and talking. I guess I’m not too big a fan of the techno music either. I’m sure it would’ve been different if the weather didn’t go crazy and it was still on Nasimi Beach, but hey, who am I complain? Beautiful bar, beautiful people. Good company, drinks. The staff was awesome as well – and very attentive. Superb ๐Ÿ™‚

Lovin’ Dubai. Cheers to Societe Perrier for organising another awesome event.

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  1. It should a crime that we are not living in the same country hahaha ! Living my ideal night out !! Looks awesome ! ๐Ÿ˜‰ bottomless cranberry is awesome haha !

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