B:Lush @ Z-One, Media One Hotel

Another nice little mid-week outing πŸ™‚

We had planned to check out Z-One before heading over to The Med, as it was Ladies Night on Tuesdays. Girls get 4 tokens, 2 for house white/red, and another 2 for selected cocktails. You drop your name in and if lucky (aren’t we all), you’ll get a Lush Giftpack, or, even better, a pink limousine ride for you and your friends home after an awesome mid-week night out. Ha!

It was actually quite a nice chill-out bar. It’s not big at all, so you can actually see everyone there – quite nice for people-watching, if that tickles your fancy. I liked how the bar-serving area is set-down from the seating, which makes the whole place feel a lot more spacious than it really is. Quite ingenious really – instead of the usual ‘Let’s put mirrors everywhere’ idea.

One cocktail that is a definite must-try is the Wasabi-something – if, you like, wasabi, haha. Mind you, it is quite strong!

A nice cosy bar to catch up with friends, where the music isn’t too loud, and you can actually get a seat without having to book, something Embassy lacks!

  • Z: One
  • Media One Hotel
  • Dubai Marina
  • Tuesdays
  • 7-10pm
  • 4 complimentary drinks

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