Super Skewers @ The MED, Media One Hotel

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And following on a few drinks from Z:One, we popped over to The MED upstairs for dinner, compliments of Facebook promotions at Media One Hotel πŸ™‚

G and I had been to The MED before when we stayed here many months ago. The breakfast is awesome just in case you were wondering. We had had dinner here as well, but this was our first time back for theΒ Super SkewersΒ promotion.

We started with a bottle of white. I like how they pre-chill their wine glasses. Something all restaurants should do. I cannot remember what wine/vineyard it was that we had – I suppose after you’ve had 4 drinks downstairs you don’t really care what else you’re drinking ay, ha ha!

You get four choices – marinated LambΒ skewers with bell peppers, chargrilled Chicken,Β marinate griled Prawns in French mustard, and lastly char-grilled Steak.Β We just ordered one of each, and we were quite surprised when it game and it was massive, and, quite tasty too! Yes, it was 50 cm long, ha ha.

Even after that, we had space for dessert, so G and I shared a tiramisu (Yum), J had a creme brulee and I cannot remember what P ordered. By this time we had finished two bottles of wine. This one I remember. It was a Pinot Gris. And a good one too πŸ™‚

Only reservations that we had, was that they really shouldn’t attempt to take the plates away from one patron, if the other ones are still eating. Some may find that impolite.

Quite a satisfying mid-week dinner. The Super Skewers promotion is supposed to end, at the end of this month but due to popularity it’ll be available every Thursday! πŸ™‚

  • The MED
  • Media One Hotel
  • +971 4 4271000
  • Website

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