Arabic Coffee Awakener @ Saray Spa

I’m so excited about this one I’m blogging about it even before going there.

Coffee is well known for its anti oxidant properties as well as being a natural stimulant. This ritual begins with a full exfoliation using Black Arabic Coffee and Dead Sea Salts to stimulate and cleanse the body. Once complete a mask of Dead Sea Mud and Black Arabic Coffee is prepared as a cocoon in which your sense a higher level. This session is followed by a full body massage.

Just booked my 2nd session at Saray Spa with another girl friend. Can’t wait!

Watch this space – come back here in two weeks 🙂

Friday : 4th October 2012, 3:03p.m Update

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Just had lunch, back home now. Sorry about the photos, I brought my camera but I left my SD card in this laptop. Again!!!!! Hehe. But the photos will be the same as my previous treatment (click on link above). It’s not like I’m going to tell Lyza “Hang on hang on, can you take the camera and snap a photo of my back, covered in black coffee and dead sea salt?” 😉

I went there this morning with SP. We both did the Arabic Coffee Awakener, and we both really enjoyed it. Saray’s description above is, to the dot. A pot of dead sea salt and black arabic coffee is prepared and Lyza uses it to exfoliate your en-tir-e body. Your back, your neck, your feet, your thighs. Even your arm-pits. Ha ha ha no kidding. I was going to crack up when she started doing that. Now get that image out of your head.

Later on, Lyza applies more Dead Sea Mud and Black Arabic Coffee all over your body. As you’re actually lying on a plastic sheet, she then wraps that all over you, and then places a few towels over so that you’re sort-of in a ‘cocoon’. The smell of coffee was pretty strong, I thought I was going to evolve into a coffee bean.

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After10-15 minutes, she prepares the shower and you wash off everything. Back onto the treatment table she finishes off the treatment with an awesome full body massage 🙂

Hee hee hee hee hee

Hey, I came back 🙂 That means it was worth coming back for!

You get to chill out in the post-treatment room with hot tea and nuts/dried apricots after. They don’t chase you away, which is great. So we just spent the next half an hour or more catching up. Ha ha! I think these things are really good for girly catch-ups ay.

Full-price is 400AED. If you’re special like me (i.e you have a Privilege Card), you get it for 200AED. I like.

  • Saray Spa
  • Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites
  • Dubai Marina
  • +97143194630
  • Email:
  • Open daily 10am – 9pm

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