Jasmine Moon @ Al Barsha

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Ever bought chinese takeaway and was so disappointed at

  • a) the taste
  • b) the size
  • c) the price ?

Well, look no further. There’s one in Al-Barsha. Jasmine Moon!

G and I thought we’ll try order some chinese takeaway the other day since well, we’ve never bought chinese takeaway in Dubai, ever. We got one of those ‘slip underneath your door’ adverts, together with the many “home service massage” cards. Gave them a call (the takeaway, not the home service massage) , and ordered lemon chicken, and sweet and sour fish for 60AED all up. Very basic chinese takeaway – what could go wrong?

It arrived quite soon after, say 40 minutes? But boy were we disappointed at how smallllllllllll the box came in. I don’t know about you, but in New Zealand chinese takeaway is massive. We even bought chinese takeway from Chop Chop in King’s Cross for 5 pounds and it was pretty big too. In general, chinese takeaway is aways ‘cheap, big and good’. Not sure about the healthy part but hey, it’s take-away.

The lemon chicken was not even sweet. We thought maybe they forgot to put sugar with the lemon sauce? Or maybe this is Dubai-style Lemon Chicken – different from the rest of the world? The Sweet and sour fish was alright, but *sigh*, just so tiny. I mean seriously, how small can a takeaway box get.

Anyways this is as much complaining as I can do tonight. Go try and it out and if it was good, let me know and I might, maybe, just maybe, give it a try again. Do you know any other good chinese takeaways in this side of town?

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