Sakura @ Crowne Plaza Dubai SZR

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Crowne Plaza Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road. I’m sure you’ve driven pass this hotel everyday on SZR and probably, maybe never been in there because it doesn’t look as flash as all those new hotels that have been popping up in Dubai.

You don’t know what you’re missing 🙂

Have you checked out their japanese restaurant on the 4th floor? Sakura?

We went there for dinner three weeks ago now, thanks to G’s luck on winning a 500AED voucher from Tom & Dan. The “song you haven’t heard in ages” was Ronan Keating’s Life is like a Rollercoaster, ha ha.

Anyways, booked dinner for two and was looking forward to a nice japanese feast. I didn’t have high expectations going in ay. I mean, 10 years in Auckland and I’ve been to Kura and Ken Yakitori a million times and they’ve never failed to disappoint me – and everytime we go on holiday and we try japanese elsewhere – nothing compares! I guess it’s about time we make an actual trip to Japan itself but that’s another story altogether.

Back to Sakura – the interior is sort of – how should I say – sort-of “japanese” but more fusion I’ll say. There’s a teppanyaki area, and there’s the what they’ll go ‘traditional’ area. We chose a spot in the traditional area, just because there were other people there.

Onto the food. Ah, that’s the good part 🙂

Food was definitely, way, beyond our expectations. If you do go there, which you should – order the crabmeat mango salad. Yummmm. The edamame is like any other edamame in any restaurant (or supermarket), so no comments there ha ha. We also ordered the, I think it was – Californian Sushi Roll. That was also absolutely delicious. Mains came shortly after and the salmon fish, cooked in teriyaki sauce, spring onions, etc (I wish what the etc was), was mouth-watering. Next was the beef steak whose portions we were pretty impressed with, because typically you go to Japanese restaurants, and the come out in tiny little plates. To be honest I actually thought it was better than the Kura Steak which I’ve had so many times back home.

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Dessert – the usual green tea ice cream and fried banana. I wasn’t too impressed with the ice cream. G liked it. I thought it was more sorbet-ey then ice cream-ey. I still prefer the green tea ice cream + red bean from Ken Yakitori on Anzac Ave. Haha. I can have that anyday 🙂

All in all, a very satisfying feast. One japanese restaurant that was definitely beyond expectations.

I am still on the hunt of a nice yakitori bar in Dubai. I wonder if there is any. Does anyone know?

    • Sakura
    • Crowne Plaza Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
    • 04 331 1111

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  1. very nice sake nizsuke kani mango salad and banana satsumage fantastic some thing woooooooooo good.

  2. Mm, we didn’t get the chance to try the sake this time round but will do next time! 🙂 Yeah nice mango salad and deep fried banana haha

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