Taxis in Dubai

I’ve been quite lazy to blog lately.

A lot to catch up on, thought I’ll start with this, prompted by a comment from another expat in Dubai.

Yet on your blog you say that you have read all the FAQs about Dubai? You must have missed the ones about taxis and what to be aware of?

Funny how people take everything you say word by word. If you would go to,  you’ll see that there are links to a million other pages. How are we supposed to have read every single thing?

Now here’s the basics that I took out of a whole stream of other comments from other expats (very much appreciated), and to others reading this, please do not quote my blog. I do not write the laws. And you’ll soon find out that the rules change so often you just need to keep updating yourself. I am just another expat in Dubai, slowly exploring and learning day by day 🙂


  • If you’re a girl and you can avoid it, do not sit in the passenger seat
  • Taxis have a sticker on the window (usually the rear passenger windows) with the vehicle’s RTA registration and the RTA number (04-2080808). Take note of this when you get in, you never know when it will come handy
  • If you are travelling with a group of ladies and you want a lady taxi-driver at the airport, you can book them here :

Look, Dubai in general is a very safe place. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be a little cautious anyhow, as you would when you travel in any other country 🙂

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