Embassy Empress @ Grosvenor House Hotel

Okay guys, A double Jack Daniels & Coke, on a Tuesday night at Embassy bar is going to cost you AED100. That’s NZD33, or 16pounds. But hey, factor in the number of hot girls in that bar in cocktail dresses, high heels, make up and hair all done, the view from the 43rd floor of Grosvenor House Hotel, and the complimentary canape’s they provide and I suppose that’s alright. Plus, girls gets 4 complimentary drinks on Embassy Empress night ๐Ÿ™‚

The Ultimate Ladies Soiree where ladies can relish four complimentary drinks, delicious canapes and much more. Two lucky empresses will each win a voucher for two bottles of Louis Roederer Champage.
Salute the Empress in you

You sign in at ground floor of Tower Two, they check your ID and then the photographer asks if he can take your photo. Kinda reminded me of the Black and Bling events at Sale St, except this goes on every week.

Got in around 8pm or so and the ratio of girls to boys was probably 10 to 1. And seriously I’ve never seen so many dressed-up girls in one place before ( Obviously, still quite new to Dubai…). If this is how girls dress up for all the Ladies Nights in town, I really need to consider upgrading my wardrobe.

With the four tokens, you can get white, red , bubbles (two tokens), and a few different type of cocktails.No comment on cocktails as I’m not a fan of the sweet stuff, let me know if they’re good or not.

We didn’t quite get hold of many of the canapes a the bar/food area was completely packed with girls sitting there. Tasted a few random pretty-looking cupcakes and savouries. Not bad. Next time I’m going to sit by the bar and get more food, haha.

Again, highly recommended. Quite different from Icho I’ll say, this one’s definitely got way more people and will be quite an experience to those new to Dubai or dropping in for a visit. I definitely recommend you get dressed up just to “join in” that whole Dubai ladies night experience, otherwise you’ll be one of the 5 people out of 100+ that’s in jeans. Mind you, they’ll still let you in anyways ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Embassy Empress
  • Tuesday Nights
  • 6pm – 10:30 p.m
  • Grosvenor House Hotel, Tower Two
  • Dubai Marina

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