This is my little honest journal on the many spas, restaurants, bars, events that we’ve been to, scattered with tips on how to enjoy the little luxuries that Dubai has to offer without breaking your wallet.

We have recently become new parents as well, so always on the lookout for family-friendly spots to go with our little one!

Click here on a write up I did in 2014 “Dubai – it’s as expensive as you want it to be.”

Where reviews have been done as part of an invitation, I would clearly state it as so.

For the most part, reviews have been done anonymously, and at our own cost – where I have found a good deal and organised a gathering with friends and family to share the experience – good and bad πŸ™‚

It is also a way for us to thank the people who long hard hours to make your meal more enjoyable, your spa experience special, your hotel stay memorable. Salute, to all in the hospitality industry.

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