La Fiesta @ Lola Taberna Dubai : A Proper Spanish Party Brunch

I was sitting in a bar last night, telling two spanish mums about a really fun spanish brunch that I had gone for my birthday. The first guess? “Lola”? Haha! That has got to count for something, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

We had such a great time last Saturday with our friends. Here’s what to expect, if you plan to do Lola Taberna’s Saturday La Fiesta Brunch.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Where is Lola Taberna ?

You will find Lola on the first floor of Tryp by Wyndham Hotel in Barsha Heights, also known by most as Tecom.

If you are planning to go for their Saturday Brunch, I would strongly suggest you take the taxi! If you don’t drink, they do have self-parking spots at the hotel.

A Cosy, Spanish Tavern

Lola is very much a cosy spanish tavern. Green foliage hanging off the ceilings, wooden furniture, comfy red bench sofas to the corners. They also have an outdoor terrace, if that’s where you prefer.

From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the ancient port of Cรกdiz, where the Andalusian icon Lola Flores was born, Lola Taberna pays tribute to Spanish cuisine and culture in a contemporary and relaxed taberna-style atmosphere. With food cooked from the heart and music sang from the soul, Lola Taberna brings back those long Spanish family lunches that turn into dinners.

Lola Taberna Dubai

When we were there for their brunch – it was Halloween, so they had properly decked out the entire place with cobwebs, skeletons, ghouls and all things creepy. It was also my first birthday brunch that wasn’t at a Kid’s Halloween Brunch, so that was a nice change for me.

Lola Brunch’s Atmosphere : La Fiesta!

The main thing about Lola’s brunch would definitely be the overall vibe. The people, the buzz, the music.

At around 2:30pm or so, their resident spanish guitarist and flamenco dancer comes on stage and that’s when the REAL party starts. I absolutely love flamenco shows. So passionate, so electrifying.

Soon after, she gets the girls to come on stage, and she shows us a few flamenco moves. I must have been 18 when I signed up for a flamenco class at Uni? Don’t think I remembered any of it! Unfortunately no spanish blood in me (or any form of dancing skills in my genes either, haha). That doesn’t stop me from making a fool of myself on my birthday though ๐Ÿ˜‰

The DJ carries on with the music, and everyone is on the dance floor.

They also had a bit where the men would stand on chairs, and pour sangria down the guests’ throats (who volunteer themselves, of course), from a carafe. Please forgive me if there is another word for what the vessel that they used. Everyone was cheering on. It was just a big, fun, party.

Dancing carried on way pass the brunch hour, until 5pm. I think if the music carried on, people would very happily stayed on to dance until dark. But hey – the party always has to end at some point, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Lola Brunch : The Food & Drinks

At Lola’s Brunch, plates of tapas are served to table, whilst you catch up with your friends.

Large charcuteria boards with ham and cheese (yes, they do serve pork at Lola), with flambee bread with tomato confit. There’s padron peppers, plates of sea bass ceviches, the classic patatas bravas as well as delicious cheese and spinach croquetas.

If you sit near the counter top – feel free to help yourself with more, as we did ๐Ÿ˜‰

The main deal would be their giant paellas served in a pan, which is taken out to the counter top. Remember that it is self-service at this point, so don’t forget to get yourself some! Loved their paellareminisce of the ones we had, sitting at tables by the sidewalk in El Palmar, Valencia just last summer. I vividly remember how hot it was, sweat trickling down our heads as we scrapped off the delicious paella from the pans. I would definitely say – as authentic as it gets to eat by the Albufera Lagoon, the very home of Paella – it sure is much more comfortable to have it in Lola. We are just spoilt, Dubai residents, aren’t we! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thoughts from our troupe for the overall brunch food were that it would be good to have a bit more meat in the mix. Didn’t really bother us all too much to be honest as the atmosphere, music, and overall vibe made up for it!

A must-do for celebrations!

I would personally say – if you are planning a birthday do and you are looking for a really fun, cosy, spot to do it, with guaranteed dancingDo Lola’s La Fiesta Brunch.

In comparison with other party brunches in Dubai, it’s one of the more ‘well-priced’ ones, at 249AED for house package. You can always opt for 349 AED, which comes with HB and Estrella Draught, Sparkling wine AND tequila. Rumour is that it is always fully booked, so definitely call early if you have a large group ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tip : Put on that dress and dancing shoes.

Gotta trust the Spanish when it comes to a proper fiesta, don’t you think? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • La Fiesta Brunch at Lola Taberna
  • Every Saturday 1-4pm
  • 199 AED Soft, 249 AED House, 349 AED Draught & Bubbly
  • More details on Lola Taberna’s Website

Disclaimer : We were guests of Lola Taberna to review the La Fiesta Brunch. Our friends who joined in, all paid for the brunch.

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