Weekend Breakfast with Kids @ Organic Foods & Cafe Dubai

Did you know that Organic Foods and Cafe has a pretty awesome and healthy breakfast deal in the weekends? I met up with a dear friend to review the offer one morning, in September. The Greens branch it was in Emaar Business Park – close to home, and school.

Here’s how our breakfast at Organic Foods and Cafe went.

The Cafe – Greens, Branch

First of all – do not stress about trying to find parking at the front of the store, which is the side facing Sheikh Zayed Road.

Organic Foods & Cafe have their very own dedicated parking spots at the back! There is a very lovely chap who will move the barriers away for you (and help you with your groceries – should you decide to stock up, after your breakfast…). I learned this the hard way…. after waiting for a good amount of time for people to leave at the front, and then it was parallel parking… oh, the horror of parallel parking ๐Ÿ˜€

The cafe space is simple and bright – wooden, rustic, with greenery. It was just the two of us so we picked a table to the corner.

The OFC Breakfast Offer

Every weekend, Organic Foods and Cafe has a breakfast offer in 3 of their branches : The Greens, Sheikh Zayed Road, and their largest store in Cityland.

For 69 AED, you get everything pictured below : a large plate of English Breakfast goodies, a side of pancakes, fresh apple juice and a cup of tea of coffee. Everything prepared is from Organic Foods Store itself – so they are using the best of ingredients – organic eggs, organic mushrooms, tomatoes, even the smashed avocado on toast.

If you are vegan – don’t worry, they have a completely different option for you – which my dear vegetarian friend (and I, both) were impressed. We both thought – they could have just prepared the exact same thing as mine, minus the sausages and eggs. But no no no – they went all out.

There’s stir fried tofu with mixed bell peppers, and a hint of curry powder. There’s red cabbage with carrots, and chickpeas. Vegetarian falafel. Even homemade soy yoghurt with granola and beetroot hummus. A completely unique vegan breakfast, and so so delicious and healthy.

Have I mentioned that the apple juice is fresh as well?

Bring the kids next time

We couldn’t finish all that food so the team very kindly packed away the pancakes – for the little ones.

It’s definitely enough for a family of 4, or 5 – like mine! Bring the kids next time for a family weekend breakfast at Organic Foods & Cafe. Least you know it’s good, organic and healthy stuff you’re putting into your body ๐Ÿ˜‰

Shopping online at Organic Foods & Cafe? Discount code LILONE15 gives you an extra 15% off ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Every Weekend from 8am.
  • Breakfast Offer : 69 AED per person
  • Available at Organic Foods & Cafe – Cityland, Greens & Sheikh Zayed Road Branches

Disclaimer : We were guests of Organic Foods & Cafe to review the breakfast offer.

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