Bricks Brunch @ Bricks Restaurant, Legoland Hotel Dubai

Going to theme parks just brings out the child in you, doesn’t it? Going to Legoland Hotel Dubai does the very same. Don’t know about you but as we drove towards the hotel, and seeing all the many child-size Lego figurines all over, I got so…so excited. Excited for our kids, excited for myself, and for what’s next at Legoland Hotel’s newly launched family brunch, called appropriately ‘Bricks Brunch’.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Where exactly is Legoland Hotel?

It would have been much easier if they changed the overhead signages to include Legoland Hotel. We got a little lost, as Googlemaps’ location of Legoland Hotel is incorrect. It takes you towards the usual theme park carparking (where Riverland is). Do NOT park your car there and walk in the heat towards Legoland Hotel.

Yes, you can drive straight to the hotel itself. And yes, they do have complimentary valet if you are dining or staying there.

Use this drop pin instead to get you straight to the entrance of Legoland Hotel Dubai.

For tickets to Legoland Dubai and Legoland Waterpark – Buy here.

Family Brunch, you say?


Every Saturday, their all-day dining Bricks Restaurant have recently launched a family brunch. It’s one of those brunches that have proper organised, structured active entertainment and activities for kids.

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Tell me more about the activities at Bricks Brunch.

Everything happens at the very back of Bricks Restaurant – at what they call the ‘Activity Zone’. It’s all pretty well-organised I thought, with so many staff present to attend to the kids.

If you have littles, you won’t be able to see them from your table so yes – you will have to go with them.

In summary :

  • 1:00 – 2:15pm | Lego Building Bonanza
  • 1:45 – 2:45 pm | Kid’s Kitchen – Pizza Making
  • 2:30 – 3:15 pm | Crazy Craft Corner
  • 3:00 – 3:30 pm | Kids Kitchen – Ice Cream Sundae Building
  • 3:30 – 3:45pm | Legoland Character Dance Party

For the pizza making they set up a long table with all the ingredients – base, mozzarella cheese, tomato paste, pepperoni and of course – our very favourite, pineapple, haha. They make sure kids sanitise their hands before using plastic gloves and get to it. They then take it away to pop it in the oven and bring it to your table!

For crafts – there was mask making, bookmark making, colouring, all set up on different tables with staff present.

The ice cream building is literally adding as much crap as they want to their ice cream lol. M&Ms, marshmallows, sprinkles & chocolate sauce – all the good stuff, y’know 😉 Our girls were literally piling it up!

At the very end, mascots come out for dance – it’s so so so cute 😉

Note that there is an area at the beginning of the Activity Zone where kids can just play with megablocks…. great for the little ones.

That’s not all. They also have a play area outside Bricks.

There’s a fairly large castle-shaped soft play right outside Bricks in the lobby area – so they can also come here to play after food. Our kids spent a very long time here after the brunch. There’s slides, multi-levels to climb to the top, and instead of a ballpit – a ‘soft-lego-brick’ pit at the bottom with a few other toddler sensory playthings on the wall too. A proper play structure!

Movie-time, as well!

Brunch officially finishes at 4pm, and for those who want to chill and watch a movie – the team have set up a movie room in one of their function halls. They were playing the Batman Lego Movie when we went. Beanbags & popcorn, the whole shebang. The kids didn’t stay through the entire movie (which was very good, I thought) – as they wanted to play 😉 But yes – it’s a good option for those who just wanna laze around for the rest of the afternoon.

About time we spoke about the food at Bricks Brunch.

Okay, let’s talk about the food.

I gotta be honest, I wasn’t feeling very well on Saturday so I didn’t eat a lot. My focus was more so on the kids.

They do have a large buffet selection and a grill section outdoors (poor guy though,). There’s pizza,pasta, lasagne. Curries and asian options. Soft serve ice cream machine (yay!). A entire separate area for salads and desserts.

If you do go please report back on what you thought of their food!

Is there pool access as well?!

If all that is not enough – yes you do get pool access with Bricks Brunch. We took the kids there around 6pm and they were playing around until closing time – which is 7pm. By then the sun was almost gone, but from what I could see it is largely lit in the daytime.

It’s a relatively small pool – which does has it’s pros and cons. If you go straight after brunch you will struggle to get a sunbed. Good thing is if you don’t plan to go in, you will be able to see your child from one end of the pool.

They do have a shaded splash pad at the end for those who would like to play !

Overall Thoughts

For 195AED for adult for the soft package – including pool access, this is definitely well-priced. I can understand why they charge kids from age 3 as well – at 99AED. There’s just so much going on. This is one brunch that literally becomes a daycation. We were there from 1pm and left at 8pm. The kids were happily playing legobricks in the lobby then and we had to do the whole ‘5 more minutes’ thing so many times… lol. Take them there. They’ll be entertained for hours and be completely exhausted when they get home 😉

  • Bricks Brunch @ Bricks Restaurant
  • Every Saturday 1-4pm
  • Current details on Legoland Hotel’s website

Disclaimer : We were guests of Legoland Hotel Dubai to review Bricks Brunch with the family.

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