The Roast by Bubbalicious @ Mina’s Kitchen, Westin Mina Seyahi

Sunday Roast has always, from what I gather (and please forgive me if I am wrong) – a British thing. Whilst we both grew up in British colonised countries, we have never been a huge fan of just having roast beef and yorkshire puddings (again, please forgive me for saying this). I actually try my best to steer clear of reviews of ‘just roasts.’ Well – when you add ‘Roast’ with ‘Bubbalicious’ – that’s a different thing. It’s making a simple Sunday Roast affair into something much, much bigger.

And here’s why you should try The Roast by Bubbalicious out – even if you, like me – have never been a fan of ‘just roasts.’

Let’s start from the beginning.

Where exactly is Mina’s Kitchen?

Mina’s Kitchen is Westin’s all-day dining, located on the pool and beach level – one level down from the lobby. Hand your car over to valet and walk straight in.

The ‘entrance‘ for Roast starts very extravagantly from The Conservatory (Note : The new name for its revamped lobby lounge). Bookings checked and wristbands given, you proceed down the grand Westin staircase towards Mina’s Kitchen. Don’t worry, you can also take the lifts down if you have the buggy (or lazy kids/husbands/wives),

How big the spread are we talking about, at Roast?

If you have been to Mina’s Kitchen for breakfast, lunch or dinner – you know how big that place is. On Sunday’s, all food stations are properly utilised.

There’s a section for freshly baked gourmet pies – you’ve got chicken, shepherd, and beef.

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Roast beef, Rib-eye steak, Roast lamb, even salmon if you prefer some fish instead.

The dessert section is huge as always – with scones and clotted cream present too if you felt like some!

Do they serve pork in Mina’s Kitchen?

There’s a proper pork section with an entire suckling pig on display and for consumption. We’re talking pork belly, pork pie, roast pork, pork ribs, pork knuckle… everything to fulfull your pork cravings. Yes there is a charchuterie section as well with as much ham as you wish!

Do they serve any other cuisine at the Roast?

If you prefer a little something else, there is an Indian section with curries, parathas and more. There are baked quiches, cold seafood section with shucked oysters, prawns, and more.

What about for the vegetarians?

I did notice that they have a vegetarian roast section which I didn’t know could exist. Baked cauliflower, nut roast (which was absolutely amazing, by the way), beetroot wellington, and barbequed tofu. Yum, yum, yum. There’s of course lots in the salad and vegetables section, as well as pumpkin soup and more.

Any specific food for kids?

Take a kid to a brunch with all the food in the world and the first thing she asks you is – is there pasta, mummy?

Yes, of course there is.

We reviewed the brunch in the summer months (early June) and the kids corner was situated outside Sui Mui, across the hallway from Mina’s. There’s chicken nuggets, fries, mac n cheese, baked pasta and mince pies.

The worst bit? As much as jellybeans as they can get their hands on, hahaha. Kid’s heavan. Have I mentioned they have self-service popcorn and chupa chups as well?

What about entertainment for kids?

Our family favourite – Luis Malabara aka Dubai Juggler is present for most of the afternoon. He goes around table to table to make balloons for the little ones.

Then he does his famous juggling and entertainment show around 3pm or so – getting kids to join in towards the end, of course. The kids always love his presence, his smile, his humour.

Throughout the brunch, you can also send the little ones to the kids corner where there are attendants present for face painting, arts and crafts, slime making. There’s a little ball pit with slides for toddlers. My kids made so much slime …. oh what joy.. hahaha.

Only thing to mention is : This area is not within sight of any of the tables in Mina’s Kitchen so you will have to accompany the younger ones.

Overall Thoughts

The Roast by Bubbalicious is definitely one to bring family and friends to when they are over.

Mina’s Kitchen is large, and very grand. Love how they’ve set up all the tables with roses and flowers – it’s really beautiful and perfect for special gatherings. The highlight is of course the spread itself – which the Westin has done, very well. Quantity + quality – at its finest. Save The Roast for a special occasion. It is a family affair but from the crowd present – there were a lot of couples and adults-only groups as well, making it an all-round brunch suitable for everyone.

What could be better for parents with younger chidren? If the kids corner was within the dining area itself – so parents don’t have to split, and if drinks could be served to table instead of ‘pick up from counter’. Just first world problems, y’know… 😉

  • The Roast by Bubbalicious
  • Every Sunday 1-4pm
  • Mina’s Kitchen, Westin Mina Seyahi
  • See Westin’s website for current details

Disclaimer : We were guests of Westin Mina Seyahi to review Roast by Bubbalicious with the family.

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