Business Lunch @ Not Only Fish, JLT Dubai

Have you heard of a pan-asian restaurant called Not Only Fish? A fellow marina mum told me about it many months ago, when she went there for their business lunch. She loved it, and these were her exact words ” It was so good… super packed. Service was amazing. ” Fast forward many months later when we were putting together a listing for business lunches in the marina end of town, I knew I had to include Not Only Fish.

Here’s what to expect if you are heading over for Business Lunch at Not Only Fish.

Where is Not Only Fish?

Not Only Fish is located on the ground floor of Almas Tower JLT. Turn right, as you walk in the main entrance.

Self-park at Almas’ basement parking and don’t forget to validate your parking ticket after dining in Not Only Fish.

You can also valet, for a fee.

How’s the place like?

Beautifully designed interior, maximising the use of natural light with Almas’ floor to ceiling glass facade.

Furniture is a mixture of different typeswhite marble and wooden table tops, as with their chairs – giving the whole place a very fresh, feel. We love how they’ve carefully worked with the space given, and I would dare say they did a really good job with it.

Is there an outdoor terrace?

Yes, they do.

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They also serve shisha in the evenings as well, for those who fancy one.

Let’s talk about their Business Lunch Offer.

Every Monday to Friday between 12-4pm, they do a business lunch offer. 2-courses for 105 AED, or the full 3-courses for 125 AED which includes 1 non-alcoholic drink, such as juice, soft drinks, tea & coffee.

We shared the crab roll with bonito flakes, tempura roll with eel and salmon, and chicken katsu. My favourite would be the chicken katsu – which they should rename in the menu as chicken katsu sando haha, as we originally thought it was just chicken katsu itself. Get that if you are not sure which to go for – crispy, tasty chicken katsu sandwiched between pan-fried bread.

There are other interesting options such as butternut squash carpaccio, eggplant popcorn and butternut squash soup. Hello, my fellow vegetarians! 🙂

What about mains?

Amongst us, we had tom yum ramen, pad thai and grilled tenderloin served with brocollini.

We personally felt the tom yum soup was a tad too sweet, but as an overall dish it was still a good bowl of ramen with a good spicy kick to it. Try it and let us know what you think?

The pad thai we loved – this comes with prawn, and you can ask for the vegetarian alternative as well with tofu.

With respect to steak doneness, the team did get both our orders of grilled tenderloin wrong that day (oops!) – but I finished what I had on the plate, I was hungry and it was still decent tenderloin 😉 Hopefully they’ll get the orders right next time though…

If you have a big appetite – definitely get the milk cake or chocolate mousse. Ice-cream mochi is another option, note that this is 1-piece only.

See Not Only Fish’s business lunch menu here.

Overall Thoughts

Whilst there are a lot of pan-asian restaurants in JLT, there are only a handful that are licensed. With that in mind, Not Only Fish’s business lunch is pretty well-priced. Despite the minor mishaps with our orders, we did enjoy what we have, and definitely love the overall decor and vibe of the price. A hidden gem in JLT it seems?

I see they have a special set menu for weekends as well? That’ll be a nice one to try. Do let us know if you go!

  • Business Lunch at Not Only Fish
  • Monday to Friday | 12-4pm
  • Price : 105 AED for 2-courses, 125 AED for 3-courses 
  • See Not Only Fish’s business lunch menu here.
  • Call Not Only Fish here.

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Disclaimer : We were guests of Not Only Fish to review their business lunch offer.

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