Rare Dinner Party @ STK JBR : A Friday of Steaks, Drinks and a lot of dancing

Although STK has been opened in JBR since 2017, this would be my very first time checking out this famous party spot. Every Friday they do an evening brunch called Rare Dinner Party. It’s R&B music and you are guaranteed a fun evening out. It was also our dear friend’s birthday – what’s a better place to do it than one of Solution Leisure‘s nightlife venues 😉

Here’s a little review of what to expect at STK’s Rare Dinner Party.

How to get to STK JBR on a Friday night

It’s not headline news that JBR’s traffic is absolutely horrendous (no sugar-coating here), particular on a Friday evening. We live in the marina and a 5 minute drive can easily turn into a half hour bumper to bumper ride.

If you do live in this neighbourhood, I would highly recommend you take the tram. Get off at JBR1 tram station, it’s a 5 minute easy walk to Rixos Premium JBR.

If you do not live in this neighbourhood, you can take the taxi and then get off near a tram station before the jam starts. I would recommend getting off Sheikh Zayed Road, head towards Westin and take the Marina Towers tram station – it’s only 2 stops from there.

If you are not drinking, and plan to drive – take note that there is no complimentary valet for STK guests, at Rixos Premium Dubai JBR.

Let’s talk about the brunch.

The venue.

We got to STK on time at 8pm. Our friends arrived around 8:30pm or so, and it was pretty much full house by 9pm or so. I highly suggest you make a booking in advance for this one.

There’s lots of cosy white leather-clad booths in the main dining area – great for double dates, and large groups. In a slight raised area there were more tables there as well for groups.

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At the front area there are lots of high bar tables – this was also full on Friday night. Great for couples.

The food

There is a set menu for Rare. All food is brought to table.

A selection of starters (one round) to share. Greek salad, salmon tartare, BBQ Chicken Tacos and little burgers. I didn’t dare touch the burgers as I was saving myself for the main deal – the steaks.

Yes – you get steaks for mains at Rare. All of us went for it 😉

200grams of Canadian eye fillet, or otherwise 250grams of Canadian striploin. They ask how you want it done and do it right. Sides are all brought to table to share – hand cup chips, mac n cheese, green beans. More than enough food for the entire evening.

See STK’s Rare menu here.

The drinks

There are 3 cocktails on the menu – vodka, rum and gin-based. I started with their ‘Do It’ cocktail which was alright but I guess I was in the mood for something else so stuck to gin and tonic for most of the evening 😉

For beers – there’s bottled heineken and tiger.

The vibe

Well well – this is the main event, isn’t it?

Around 9:30pm or so, you’ll have dancers suddenly appearing on the little raised areas between the booths. We literally did not see them appear. If you are sat in the same seats as us in the main dining area these dancers are literally right next to you 😉

3 or 4 rounds of this later, and at the end of the evening, everyone joins in. You can see more of it in this video here :

There were a lot of birthdays that evening (including one on our table) – and they do take out sparkler candles – it’s just fun, fun fun 🙂

So if you’re looking for a brunch where you actually want to danceSTK’s Rare is it for you.

Take note that music is fairly loud all evening, and if you want have a conversation – it’ll work between 4 people max. More than that, you’re having chit chat with those next to you.

Overall Thoughts

A classic party brunch, and understandably why it’s been around for so long. STK brings an evening of fun for everyone, and from the crowd present last Friday – it’s evident it caters for all ages. The 20 somethings, 30 somethings, 40, 50 and more. I mean, you’re never too old for good steak and a bit of a boogie, right? 🙂

Book it for a birthday, a celebration, or just a much-awaited party with friends. If you’re restless for more, cross over to Lock, Stock and Barrel for more.

  • STK’s Rare Dinner Party
  • More details on STK’s website
  • Every Friday Evening 8-11pm
  • Price : 375 AED House Package, 425 AED Sparkling

Disclaimer : We were guests of STK to review the Rare Dinner Party.

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