Oktoberfest @ Lock, Stock and Barrel JBR Dubai : What a party!

What a crazy brunch it was – Oktoberfest at Lock, Stock and Barrel also known as LSB in JBR. We don’t ‘party’ much – so this was just absolutely nuts for us. It was also one of our friend’s birthday – so where else to go for a big, crazy and loud birthday do? LSB it is 😉

Here’s my review of Oktoberfest at LSB.

How it started

We arrived on the dot at 1pm and there was a huge queue leading towards LSB on the lobby level of Rixos Premium JBR. Everyone looked like they were there in big groups and well – it was a young crowd. We were the ‘oldies’…. haha.

The team at LSB were well-prepared for the crowd, I would assume they are sold out every week. There are three stands by the door to quickly confirm reservations and wristbands given. FYI – you pay at the door.

In true Oktoberfest style, you sit on long tables. So bear in mind that if you are sat where the party is – downstairs, you will likely be with other people.

The party starts literally right away. The band – Gorgeous George goes full swing at the get go – it was absolutely nuts. I sat there looking at our friends with that – ” holy sh*t, did not expect it to be so loud, so crazy, so fast ” look. And 5 minutes later a girl joins them on the stage and started dancing. Has she been drinking since breakfast? Or is it just LSB that gets you in the mood so quickly? Haha. On that note – this is not somewhere you go to ‘have a deep conversation’. You cannot hear each other. You can try and shout into your friends ear and they go deaf but that’s about it. It’s a party – enjoy it.

The Food

Food is served to table. I did remember seeing the menu having a lot of items, but for us that afternoon – we had two platters of food. Then dessert. The problem is – you are sat on a long table with a lot of other people so the waiters definitely don’t know how many ‘groups’ share one table. They go around placing platters and we ended up with one portion of chicken and fries amongst the 4 of us, and then one platter of sausages. The husbands were hungry haha, so we politely asked our neighbours if we could have their chicken – which they kindly passed on.

To be honest we weren’t too fussed. We knew we weren’t there for the food. We were fed, and the party was going on all afternoon. You almost forget it’s only 2pm in the afternoon and the kids are probably playing with the toy kitchen at home. Or colouring. Or magnatiles. For a second you are reminded it is mid-day when you look up and see sunlight streaming through the windows on the upper floor.

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The Drinks

Beer on tap – 1L Steins, as you would expect in an Oktoberfest brunch. Wine. And yes – you can get shots too. Not tequila though, haha.

The Party

For those of you who would like to have a conversation at this brunch – pick the tables upstairs. If you want to be IN the party – sit downstairs. Talk later.

The bands was so good. From Bon Jovi’s Livin on a prayer, to Queen’s I want to break free. They even got the crowd to join them on stage – Sweet Caroline… and a beautiful duet of Shallow. Just fabulous.

You can follow Gorgeous George on socials here, to see where they plays in and around Dubai.

How it ended

The brunch officially finishes at 4pm, staff were standing on the bartop and stage waving giant flags, confetti fell from the ceiling. It was surreal. You are welcome to stay on as the music and the party goes on all night long……..

Overall Thoughts

Do I recommend it? Well – if you like all that above – a big, crazy Oktoberfestparty – go to Lock, Stock and Barrel. If you want to have a ‘chilled out quiet brunch’ – don’t go to Oktoberfest at Lock, Stock and Barrel.

  • Oktoberfest @ LSB JBR
  • Saturday 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd October 2022
  • 1pm – 4pm
  • Price : 250 AED including drinks, 200 AED non-alcoholic.
  • LSB Website

Disclaimer :

  1. We were guests of LSB to review Oktoberfest.
  2. If you are in any of these photos and would like me to remove it – please let me know.

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