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Having grown up in South East Asia, we have spent numerous holidays in Singapore. That being said, there have been so many new attractions that were built over the years – we would love to return to experience it all with the family.

The following article is written by a guest writer on the top attractions in Singapore. Enjoy.

Little India And The Arab Street:

Little India and Arab Street are two of those that are the sought-after tourist spots in Singapore. Apart from providing visitors with an experience unlike any other, they also provide a delightful culinary experience. It’s a real satisfaction to experience a place that is yours to enjoy. Visitors can be transported to a distinct and exclusive world, far from the snares of contemporary life. The streets are lined with chic and cozy cafés, little shops with mosques that date back centuries and a myriad of other locations to visit and discover. When walking through Arab Street, it is an absolute pleasure to stroll through the tiniest restaurants offering various kinds of food. The aroma of freshly cooked food will grab your attention and make you want to try some of the delectable food items as well as traditional Arabian food. Explore the stalls selling intriguing trinkets and accessories. You can examine the older structures and ask them to tell you their stories. You’ll gain a glimpse into the colonial era. The area of Little India, you will find a variety of stalls selling Indian items and restaurants serving delicious Indian delicious food. There’s also a beautiful temple, which is called Sri Veeramakaliamman’s Temple.

Universal Studios Singapore:

Its place of operation in Universal Studios is the reason that is what makes Universal Studios Singapore the most thrilling and exciting place to visit. It is situated on Sentosa Island, it is an ideal location for families, especially when traveling with the whole family. There’s plenty to discover as well as experience and do in this fascinating tourist spot. You can spend the entire day filled with entertainment. Cafes and restaurants provide delicious food that is tasty, as well as shopping as well as other activities to keep your interest. If you’re looking to learn more about Hollywood you should visit the “Walk of Fame,” where you’ll find lots of Hollywood stars in stunning poses. Anyone seeking out exciting things to do can go on rollercoaster rides which are thrilling and exciting Battlestar Galactica. Other sites and attractions that will keep your interest are Ancient Egypt Zone, Sci-Fi City, Lost World of Dinosaurs and many others.

SEA Aquarium Singapore:

The most sought-after and sought-after famous Singapore tourist spots. Its SEA Aquarium is undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences. The aquarium is located at Sentosa Island and is a significant attraction for tourists of all different ages. The aquarium has more than one million . marine species. It is the best location to view the diverse species of life in the ocean from afar.. Alongside the fascinating marine life that is found in the aquarium, it has an array of things to do and attractions that will keep visitors interested and entertained. Experience thrilling and enjoyable encounters with dolphins. Take a dive with dolphins, and dive deep into The Shark Seas Habitat. Dive diving in the ocean with predators like manta rays as well as Stingrays will be a memorable experience that will become an unforgettable experience that you’ll never forget.

Singapore Night Safari Tour:

Night Safari Singapore is an unforgettable tourist experience. It’s becoming a fashion. Night Safari Tour draws people in huge amounts. Nature lovers will be delighted to go there. The park is a thrilling place to go on safari at night, and offers an adrenaline rush that’s unforgettable. There are over 130 species of animals as well as 2,500+ animals. The gates are open at sunset and allow visitors to take a trip which is completely unique. There are numerous exotic species of animals which can be seen in the safari as well. These include those of the Malayan Tiger and Asian Elephant. This latter animal is referred to by the name of The Malayan Tapir and is also a popular attraction that has significant significance.

Jurong Bird Park:

More than 5000 species of birds are found in Jurong Bird Park, their home. Jurong Bird Park is spread across 20 acres. It is home to a variety of bird enthusiasts and thousands of people from around the world to view hundreds of bird species in their natural habitat. Another attraction that is known for visitors to the park is the world’s most crowded walk-in aviary which is known by the name of Waterfall Aviary and named after its artificial Jurong waterfall that is located in the park. Jurong Bird Park tickets cost around SGD 37 per adult.

Gardens by the Bay:

If you’ve seen the gorgeously constructed garden from the highest location on the cliffs that overlook Marina Bay, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off. Explore the Bay East Garden. Bay East Garden, which is the ideal place to admire the gorgeous blooms and get away from the bustle of the city in a half-hour. The Supertree Grove is something you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s home to some of the most recent iconic structures designed to aid in the support of green projects. Cloud Forest Dome Cloud Forest Dome is the largest indoor waterfall worldwide. It also gives visitors information on the diverse nature of the area.

Botanic Gardens:

The Botanic Gardens are distinctive from The Gardens on the Bay which are equally worthy to visit. The first UNESCO World Heritage nomination of Singapore was awarded to the gardens, and was granted with all the good grounds. Singapore is a serene and clean place, however, there are occasions when it seems to be more of a forest than the city. But, it’s the botanical gardens that make up the natural habitat of Singapore that provide a peaceful area free of hustle and hustle.

Sentosa Island:

Singapore isn’t renowned for its beaches or exotic atmosphere. But, if you’re looking to unwind and soak up the sunshine, Sentosa Island is the spot for you. Siloso Beach is the best place to expose your bikini body to soak in the sun. Siloso Beach has free courts for volleyball as well for water sports such as kayaking and skiing. There are numerous beaches in Sentosa Island, and an Underwater World Aquarium where you can go swimming with dolphins. Singapore’s most famous attraction is Merlion. It is the most well-known attraction in Singapore, with its body like an animal and the head which is akin with the skull of the Lion. It is a must-see at Sentosa Island. Visitors can climb the statue using an elevator, and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding region. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, choices like Jetpacks which have trapezes powered by water are also available.

Note : This article is written by a guest writer.

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