The Dubai Pool Kids Issue : New Rules have been issued

Further to publishing this article, we have been in touch with Dubai Municipality to follow up on the recent regulation where Under 5s were banned from hotel pools. We were so relieved to find out that they have in fact been reconsidering it, and issued a revised circular late last night with new rules.

So – what is the current rules for kids in hotel swimming pools?

See revised ‘Public Safety in Hotel Establishments Swimming Pool’, dated 30th of August 2022.

A lot of the pointers as suggested by other parents in the comments section here have been implemented. We feel that the circular is a much more reasonable one – as families can now spend time in family pools altogether with their childrenas long as certain safety criterias are met, ie number of lifeguards depending on pool area, busy periods and presence of children.

I think the little lesson to take out of this whole issue is to – be safe, and be sensible when it comes to pool time. Be present, always. It only takes one little mistake for things to happen.

When asked why this was revised, the Dubai Municipality representative said, ” All laws are subjected to review, and solutions are provided according to requirements and reality.”

On behalf of all families in Dubai, thanks for revising this circular. It means a lot of many of us.

Now – enjoy your pool time safely. Also – remember the swim nappies for the little ones!

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