DRVN by Porsche : An automative-themed restaurant in Bluewaters Dubai

Somewhere in Bluewaters – lies an automative-themed restaurant called DRVN by Porsche. It would be our first time checking it out, when we went over mid-summer to review the venue.

Cars, coffee, and art – what an interesting cafe concept.

Here’s what to expect from DRVN by Porsche.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Where exactly is DRVN by Porsche in Bluewaters?

DRVN is located within The Wharf – the enclosed retail and F&B building right behind Ain Dubai. If you are driving, park in the basement close to the purple columns. You will see a sign by the lift cores for DRVN by Porsche. Take the lifts, or escalators up from there. It is a few steps in the sun to the restaurant from there, OR – if you melt in the heat (like we do) – go straight into The Wharf and take a little loop within building towards DRVN.

Yes – you can valet as well, with a fee.

How is the restaurant like?

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DRVN occupies a large space with high ceilings, and a mezzanine floor with more seating area. It’s all very industrial chic. There are cars on display within steel-glass box structures – classic Porsches, of course. Don’t get too excited though, you can’t jump in for a photo op – it’s very much like a car museum, for ‘viewing purposes’ only 😉

Most of the seating areas are couches with low tables, as you would find in a lounge. There are a few long tables suitable for larger groups, or for those who would like to hold a meeting in the venue. That – was what seemed like the majority of DRVN’s crowd on a Friday afternoon – people working away on their laptops, ear pieces on.

And then there was us – with all 3 kids in tow.

Do you think it’s a family-friendly venue?

Whilst they did try their best to accommodate – with amazing Porsche books for kids and colouring material, we personally felt out of place in a venue with all our little kids on a weekday afternoon. At one point when the little ones were making so much noise (stomping on the steel grating stair treads towards the mezzanine floor) – I really wished we left them at home….haha.

Speaking to the staff – they did say that there are usually more families on the weekends, particularly neighbourhood locals who live in Bluewaters. On weekdays during ‘work hours’ – it’s typically the crowd we saw that day – the working lot, and a few having a quiet catch up with friends over good coffee and food.

So take note mum and dads – bring the kids after hours, please 😉

Let’s talk about the food.

DRVN has its own wood-fired oven and roastery. Yes – they do authentic Neapolitan pizza, and they make their own coffee. They do have an extensive coffee menu – with signatures such as ‘Hornet, Pine Nut, Vanilla and Cappuccino Pistachio’ to name a few. A latte is 26aed.

We were there for lunch, so decided to order a few things from the menu to share.

When the food came to the table – we were all surprisingly impressed. I honestly didn’t expect food in a ‘automative-themed restaurant’ to be that good – what more to look that good.

The prawn and avocado salad (62 AED) and squash burrata (62 AED) would probably top my list of salads for the month. Close contender to the watermelon salad we had in another restaurant recently. Loved the use of flowers and micro greens in their food – makes it so beautiful and appetising. *Adds to home grocery list*

For mains – mum went with the baked salmon (93 AED) – baked with cauliflower puree and cherry tomato confit. The garlic lemon butter sauce was the perfect condiment for it. My braised lamb shank (96aed) with cous cous was just delicious – though I really could not finish this one. The husband who popped in to join us from work, did comment that his wagyu burger (79 AED) with truffle fries was again, a good burger. Did you know they use fluffy potato buns for their burgers?

We ordered a pizza for the little ones – pizza funghi with tartufo. They used truffle-infused oil for this, and we did think there was a tad too much oil, but hey – everyone loved it anyways. My 4 year old decided to pluck away on all the porcini mushrooms, leaving the rest of us to finish the home-made pizza base with fresh mozzarella.

Have a browse through Drvn's Menu here. 

Did you say they have cars on display and artwork too?

There were two Porsches on display when we were there.

There were numerous artwork as well throughout the venue – apparently “modern art pieces by emerging artists” which I think I will have to return on another day (without the kids) – to spend time appreciating 😉

Overall Thoughts

I do love a themed-restaurant, which I did feel is lacking of, in Dubai’s F&B market. It is something different. I am glad to see that it’s not just ‘about the cars and art’ – and that the team have put extra effort to make sure they are delivering real good food and coffee. It’s somewhere I would return – without the kids (very likely), to catch up with a friend – and hopefully spend some time going through everything that is on display in there. Maybe this time I can enjoy my coffee too, haha 😉

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Disclaimer : We were guests of DRVN to review the venue over lunch.

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