Ladies’ Night @ The Croft, Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel

I don’t always do a post on ladies nights but I did feel that this one deserved a little write-up of its own.

The Croft first opened its doors in 2015. We used to live right opposite the Marriott, and typically I get quite excited about new F&B openings, particularly when it is so close to home. For some reason, we never found our way there. Not saying that we couldn’t find our way, it’s pretty straight forward – you walk into a lift and press Level 5. It’s just that none of our immediate friends ever suggested a gathering there, I don’t think there was a ladies night being introduced back then, and to be honest – we weren’t, and still aren’t, huge fans of ‘english pub-grub’. Okay please don’t take that to heart, you can stop reading here if you don’t like me anymore.

Whilst browsing away on stories one fine evening (as I do), I saw The Croft had a singer with a guitar. Curious, and not recognising who it was, I slid the restaurant a DM to ask.

“Sean”, they said.

No last name given, it was as though I am supposed to “just know”.

Then I remembered a brief conversation with a local musician (waves, you know who you are) whilst I was in Marks and Spencer’s that he had just come from a gig at McCafferty’s, and he was playing with a Sean (and one or two others?).


Well……. this Sean has got to be good then.

Rounded up the girls and booked a ladies night at The Croft for a few weeks later.

And that – was, last night.

So, how was it?

We sat outside on the terrace, just the 3 of us. It’s early November, it’s breezy, but still a teeny weeny humid. The sparkly lights of the marina in the backdrop, the place was pretty much full – groups of friends, a few dates here and there, and then us. The Croft is a very chilled, casual spot. It’s nice.

The table they had given us was right in front of the speakers so we moved two tables down. At least we could still hear each other, and – hear him play.

I stuck to the ladies night offer – 99 AED for free flow drinks and nachos (or chips, if you prefer). Service was prompt – my glass was refilled upon request. Would have been better if it was refilled automatically though (aren’t we so spoilt in Dubai?). My two friends ordered out of the Ala Carte menu (comment also made that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of healthy choices…. ha ha, I guess that is “British pub-grub” then?)

Throughout the evening, we could have a proper conversation, and at the corner of my eye – I could still see the singer play. And we could definitely hear him, which was really nice.

For once, I did not recognise quite a few of the songs he played – but loved it. Bit of googling afterwards I found that some were Irish folk music – and you know what, it is nice to hear something new, for a change. To learn of a new band, to listen to a new tune, to read up new lyrics.

There were some recognisable songs – Bee Gees’ To Love Somebody, and I think… I think, there was a bit of Coldplay amongst many others. Though what caught my attention were the ones we did not know – Dubliner’s Grace….. and my favourite – Rare old Mountain Dew. Beautiful songs.

Unfortunately we had to leave early, before he finished playing……… #mumlife ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a good night, albeit short.

So……. The Croft, and all other venues – people go to yours for many many different reasons. Some go because they saw a nice shot of the food on instagram, some for the venue decor, others for a particular good offer. And then there are some, who go there, initially for the music And I’m glad it all worked out well – it was actually a nice spot, the ladies night offer was not bad, and – most importantly, the music was good.

Will we return? On a Wednesday, definitely …. it’s a 5 min walk from home for us. Maybe we will come back and try their brunch one day too.

  • Ladies Night at The Croft
  • Every Wednesday 7-9pm : 99 AED for free-flow drinks & nachos/chips
  • Website
  • Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites
  • Follow Sean Gavin on socials to see where he plays throughout Dubai.

Note : Non-sponsored post. We paid for all food and drinks at The Croft.

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