A bit of Brazilian and Lebanese @ Li Brasil, Address Beach Resort Dubai

During our staycation at The Address Beach Resort, we had dinner with the family at Li Brasil – their fine dining restaurant serving a fusion of Lebanese and Brazilian cuisine. Interesting mix, isn’t it? I am not well-versed in either cuisines, so please keep that in mind when reading the rest of the review. I will not be offended if you choose to stop reading now…;)

So, where exactly is Li Brasil?

You must know Address Beach Resort by now. If you don’t, I’ll be nice this time and not ask you to smack yourself. Check it out on googlemaps or otherwise open your eyes next time you are looking towards Dubai Marina. You can see the mammoth of a building even when you’re on Al Khail Road.

Li Brasil is situated on their Ground Floor, alongside that beautiful water feature.

How’s the place like?

I had seen just a few photos of the restaurant – mainly of the food and the water feature. So when we got to the venue and walked around outside, I was actually blown away at how beautiful it was. Very modern, felt like I was on a spaceship, if that makes any sense. Killa has definitely used the water design well, making the outdoor terrace so romantic and dreamy-like during sunset.

Can kids go, or is it for adults-only?

When we were there, kids are allowed in Li Brasil before 9pm. A large part of the terrace is a smoking-area (note: they do serve shisha there) so we were placed in the non-smoking area.

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Suited us fine – we were right by the edge overlooking The Beach and beyond.

Please check with Address Beach Resort directly on their child policy, in case this has changed.

How was the food, what did we have?

We went for the chef’s recommendations – ordering few things to share with the family. Hummus (38AED) to whet the appetite – particular the kids who were starving after a big day at the pool. They probably got full just eating the amazing freshly baked bread.

Loved the Pineapple Avocado Salad (38AED) – a bit of sweet and sour, with a sprinkle of pepper for some added spice. The grilled halloumi skewers with watermelon (48 AED) was nothing spectacular for us.

For mains we went for Li Brasil’s Signature grilled seafood and meat skewer (168AED). Lobster, prawns, minced chicken and prime sirloin served hung vertically for that added wow (for the kids… hah). Delicious, though we did feel it was a little pricey for what it was.

We also had the coffee rubbed beef fillet, which at 98 AED was tender, juicy and one I would order again.

We finished the evening with their baklava ice cream and guava passion cheesecake, which was adequately priced at 38 AED and a perfect end to the evening.

Have a browse through Li Brasil’s menu for more details.

Overall thoughts?

Though we did bring the kids, I did feel that the place was more suited for adults=only. I would suggest to save it for a special date or a get-together with friends, if you can 😉

Brazilian/Lebanese fare is not our typical go-to, so it was interesting to try it out for a change. The place is beautiful, and probably best to be seated outside so you can fully appreciate the terrace and view. Try it, before it shuts for the summer? Otherwise, check it out indoors 😉

  • Li Brasil
  • Li Brasil’s official website
  • Address Beach Resort, JBR Dubai
  • Deal :
    • Currently not in the Entertainer, check if you can get discounts/points with U by Emaar membership.
    • Between 11th June to 11th July 2021 – EURO 2020 Football games are shown on 2 indoor screens. You can get a bucket of 5 brews for 120AED. Not bad huh?

Disclaimer : We were guests of Address Beach Resort for dinner at Li’ Brasil.

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