Dubai Safari Park – Through The Eyes of a 17-Year Old

The following post was written by a 17-year old girl who lives in Dubai. It outlines a trip to the Dubai Safari Park where she had gone with the family. All photos were taken by her father – a friend and workmate of mine. PS – She writes better than me.


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Dubai Safari Park – a feather in the hat of outdoor entertainment in the city. It is home to a multitude of animals and spans over a large area, not to mention the often cool breeze which was very refreshing. In short, the whole experience was over-whelming. It is mind-blowing to think that a desert region was transformed into such a stunning landscape. Through this essay, I wish to portray the zoo through the eyes of a photographer.

The Entrance Gate

We entered the zoo to find the first segment aptly named ‘Wadi’. Here, you can stroll around and take in the beauty of the sheer greenery all around.

A vast expanse of trees envelopes the region.

There are bus stations dotting the park for your convenience.

There are water spraying fans to ensure that the required humidity and temperature levels are maintained.

African Village

The second segment I visited was the African Village. There were stalls to buy refreshments from and one from where you can hire electric vehicles for kids to joyride in!

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I found this red legged stilt wading about.

This spoonbill was skimming the water for food.

These three were indulged in a serious argument!

This spoonbill is grooming itself to perfection.

The king was indulging in a royal slumber by the rock

The elephant (on the left) was very interested in uprooting the tree with its trunk. Upon failing to move it with its trunk, it abandoned its mission.

The hyena looked interested in something.

This cheetah was quite curious to know what the homo sapiens were up to.

Often people overlook these beautiful flowers. The landscape has been developed to serve as a feast for your eyes.


We made our way to meet the feathered friends at the aviary.

The duo was indulging in a quiet swim.

The pond was shared by these creatures too. It was very funny to see their tug of war with a leaf.

This feathered couple had also made its way into the aviary.

This birdie was very possessive about its feeding bowl.

These geese looked on from the lush green patch.

This iguana wanted to make sure that it was not to be taken lightly as it asserted its dominance.

The happy and content goose

This feathered pal looked at us suspiciously as we made our way around its feeding place

This colorful one kept an wary eye out

This one took a quick break from flying

One big happy family on the way for swimming lessons!

Outside the Aviary

The impalas gathered for an intense meeting under the trees

Entrance to the Arabian desert safari which gave us a brief experience of the safari offers

Rugged desert experience

A lazy afternoon with the Arabian oryx and impalas

Asian Village

This gibbon howled for attention

These Asiatic black bears were busy in a noisy squabble

In the Raptors segments, we witnessed a phenomenal spectacle where trainers showcased the might of the birds of the prey.

In all its magnificent glory, the owl made its way

This little fella has a genetic disorder which leads to the black tinge of it feathers. Unfortunately, they are rare as they are often killed by their parents for its hue. It’s great that Dubai Safari Park has one under its care.

Jay, the presenter of the show with the American national bird

Peregrine falcon, the UAE national bird, in flight

Our day came to an end with the show and we made our way to the exit. Sweet savorings and memories to take home

A beautiful dance at the gate as people made their way back. What a way to end the trip!

Written by : Riddhi Goswami … Ordinary 17 year old school girl, trudging through the winding road of life. Weekends find me either on the road or snuggled up with my parents watching a Liam Neeson flick. Hobbies include lazing around, trying to avoid the slipper (you know what I mean), staring at birdies outside my window, sketching, playing keyboard. Contact here.

Photos by : Ratul Goswami

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