A family favourite – Walnut Grove @ Dubai Mall

There are some places you go to once and you tick it off your list, and then there’s Walnut Grove. Early last year, we checked out the Dubai Mall branch as part of a review. Shortly after, they were introduced into the Entertainer and we returned again and again on our own expense for lunches, dinners, coffee dates – any reason really. It was quite frustrating post-lockdown when we could not dine there as both branches were situated within a mall (Dubai Mall and City Walk) – which means that we as a family could not go there. Guess who was so happy when the restricted were eased? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s why you should check out Walnut Grove with the family :

a) The obvious one – consistency in serving good food.ย 

I’ve yet to have a bad experience in the restaurant. Hang on…..that’s not really true. There was the time the girls were wiping the condensation off the cake display glass. Or when S was eating sugar out of the sachets. That’s just part of eating out with kids isn’t it. I’ll rephrase – I’ve yet to have a bad experience with their food.

Mini Beef Sliders – 79AED

We always order their beef slider selection. It’s priced on the high side of 79 AED, but bear in mind that it is in the Entertainer. If you have kids you don’t really need to order from the Kid’s Menu – just get this. They’ll love it. Seeded brioche buns. One’s got mushroom truffle sauce, big fat juicy portobello mushrooms, melted mozarella and beef bacon. Fancy. The other is melted cheddar, three cheese fondue sauce and caramelised onions. And the last with spicy African chakalaka sauce. Please don’t ask me what is chakalaka sauce. Did I also mention it’s topped with crispy panko onion rings? And of course – the thing all kids would eat, if nothing else – chips.

Walnut Truffle Carbonara – 75AED

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