A Family Day Out @ Atlantis The Palm

Here starts a series of mini reviews, of our Privilee daycations 🙂 We rejoined after they launched the Summer Deal just before Eid – works out to be 100AED a week over 15 weeks – what a bargain! So happy and so excited to be ‘Privilee-ing’ again…..

So, we headed to Atlantis The Palm late this evening for a dip with the kids. We ended up at Zero Pool at Nasimi after being told that the Royal Pool was shut for another twenty minutes for maintenance. Stayed there for about an hour 🙂 It was quite packed as I assume everyone had to move there due to the main pool being closed. Still a really nice way to end a hot summer’s day with the family…..☺

Few points to share, for those planning to go:

  1. Zero Pool by Nasimi doesn’t have any shade, and was still completely under the sun at 5pm. You get shade around 5:30pm which is nice.
  2. Zero Pool shuts at 6pm.
  3. Large bottle (750ml) of sparkling water (San Pellegrino) by the pool is 37AED. You get 20% off. No complimentary water or icepops here! 🙂 Note: Bring your own water, and lots of it!
  4. Royal Pool is much bigger, and from where we stood… we couldn’t see any separate ‘Kid’s Pool’ – correct me if I am wrong? A large area of it was shaded (i.e, from the Atlantis building itself) when we got there at 5pm. Pool shuts at 7pm.
  5. No indoor showers by the pool. You could rinse off at the outdoor showers. There are toilets closeby so you could get changed in the toilet booths.
  6. You could have a proper indoor shower at ShuiQi Spa, however kids are not allowed in there.

We went to Ronda Locatelli for dinner afterwards, and used the Entertainer for the pizzas and pastas (works out cheaper than the 20% total bill with Privilee). Lots of families with kids in there which was great ☺. Pizzas are all around 100AED, and they have about 10 options for pork pizzas (yay!). Pastas are around 100-150AED. Overall, it was a so-so experience. Bread basket served was cold – had to politely request for them to heat it up. The Pizza Fruitti Di Mare was good, the other two pork options that we had were average (ham was too salty for us). Again, no local water served, 750ml of Aqua di Panna would set you off at 37AED again. Would suggest to do a 241 at Saffron instead if you were there (kids under 6 eat free) 🙂

Would we return? Too many other choices under Privilee, so I think I’ll give this one a tick, and move on to the next one for now. I know they have a Kid’s Club but you do have to pay 80AED per child per hour. It was still really nice to let the kids wander through Atlantis and watch the giant fishes in the Aquarium…. 🙂 Maybe we’ll return for just a ‘date afternoon’ sometime…:)

For the current day pass rate for Atlantis the Palm, have a look at the Pool & Beach Day Pass Listing

Note : This is not a sponsored post. I paid 1499AED, based on the Summer Deal with Privilee (great deal!) Hopefully I’ll see you around in the next three months? 🙂

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  1. Thanks for those posts on privilee with kids. They really helped me decide to sign up for when my family arrives in Dubai.

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