Weekend Brunch with Kids @ Bistro Des Arts, Dubai Marina

Not sure how to start on this one. Let’s just keep it short and sweet.

What you get –

Linked directly to their breakfast poster on their website

As the menu states, for 99AED you get a buffet selection of pastries – freshly baked croissants, pastries, fruit, cheese and ham. Love their quiches. You then get to order one main from the menu – my eggs benedict was alright (pictured below) – I think I had a bit too much quiche to truly appreciate the mains (my fault?). Save your tummy for their crepes as that was probably my highlight – the sugar and lemon option was perfect. Ah, and one choice of hot drink. Note : just one. Any extras, you’ll have to pay for it. As I had trammed all the way there from home, I was all flushed and sweaty so I asked for an ice latte and they were great to accomodate – thanks. Don’t worry if you want more drinks, their buffet selection has juices – freshly squeezed orange juices, lemonade. Stuff the kids would love. And yes, they would provide a straw too which was fab.

Eggs Benedict

Play area –

It’s right at the end of the terrace, and they had placed our table next to it (yay!) – this was for 3 mums and 5 little children. I had booked the Monday before, and was lucky enough to get that table, many thanks to the team for saving it for us (apologies for being late!).

The play is quite nice and will keep the little ones entertained – suitable for say, walking age to 3? It’s not very big – there’s a box of toys, dolls, little chairs. And a gate in case you wanted to keep them contained. I couldn’t take photos without getting 5 other random kids in there so no photos to share, unfortunately! Keep in mind that it is also quite crammed out in the terrace so there isn’t a lot of space for big prams. My monster pram barely made it in.

What I wish I knew –

Entrance to Bistro Des Arts

We had no idea that we were only allowed a 2 hour sitting at this brunch. It’s not on their poster, and not in any of the reviews that I had read online (maybe I should have read alllllll the Zomato and Tripadvisor reviews….).

Whilst they promote it as 10am-2pm, you will be asked to leave when your 2 hour mark is reached. Noted that no one sits for breakfast for more than 2 hours anyways but what if you wanted to stay for a few drinks? They have an option to upgrade for 75aed for 3 cocktails, and say you wanted to do that after 2 hours of food – you wouldn’t be able to.  Word of advice? Put it on the poster. Don’t come to patrons and assume it had been informed…

What I wish they could have done better –

Hippo and Panda (from the play area) joins for breakfast 😉

Mildly annoyed when we were packing up, I politely said to the guy while paying, “Just a suggestion…”… and he cut me off and very confidently responded that we were informed about it. I explained that we were not – I had emailed to book and the email reservation in response had no mention of it. The lady who had rang the day before did not mention anything about time slots either.

Was it a misunderstanding?

Could it be possible that she did tell me, and I did not hear it? I’m 95% certain I was not informed, but I will allow that 5% possibility, as the conversation was not recorded.

How do you avoid this from happening again? Put it on the big print. Make it very clear in your facebook events page. Let everyone know. Don’t assume that we were aware, and if a patron was polite enough to try and give you a suggestion, be a little humble, don’t cut her off.

So, you know what. It was one of those – ahhh, it would have been a perfect brunch. There were so many rave reviews. Like I said, it’s a beautiful spot. It’s lovely that they accommodate children and I am very happy that they did that. The price is reasonable, the food was good – so I have no issues with that either.  I just wish they had been more clear, so we knew what we were getting…. and when we had to leave. Honestly,I was more annoyed at the attitude of the chap asking us to leave, than the actual timeslot issue.

Photo credits to Angela who took this

Go try it out with the family. At least you actually know that you have a 2 hour time slot 🙂 And for those without kids, go as well. The place was packed – half with kids, the other half – just groups of adults having a good brunch. Would I return? Not for a wee while. Not on my call anyways. If someone elses organises a gathering there, happy to go again.

  • Bistro Des Arts Breakfast Brunch – Fridays and Saturdays
  • Accessible from the Dubai Marina Promenade – so yes, you can park in Marina Mall
  • Deal : 99AED per person / Add 75AED for 3 cocktails

Disclaimer : We paid for the brunch at Bistro Des Arts. All thoughts are our own 🙂 

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