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As I type, I notice that the red Hideout wristband is still on. My head hurts. Evening brunch at The Hideout was good fun. We used to go to that same location in the Marina Byblos many years ago when it was Societe (click here). Ah… those days, feels like a distant memory now 🙂

So there was a deal on where if it’s your birthday in April, Hideout would help you celebrate by giving you a table with drinks – a bottle of vodka and mixers, balloons, hats, and a birthday cake for the birthday girl. A dear friend’s birthday was coming up so I took the opportunity to organise a get-together. We decided to do the brunch as well (successful promotion on their part I’ll say;) ) – might as well eat! Plus we were afraid the bottle of vodka would nto be enough for the troupe… hehe. How was evening brunch at The Hideout? Here’s a rundown of what you get and what I thought of it …

Food – You get a menu where you can choose a starter, a mains and a dessert. I had read a review on Timeout and thought it was roast chicken only, so this was a nice surprise. Loved the shrimps, the sauce was just the right amount of tanginess and sweet. If I were to go back, I’ll probably order the same thing again. G said the burger and chips was really good. There was roast chicken, a few different pastas on the menu as well. The chicken salad – tasty. Would be good if there were a bit more chicken in there though….

Drinks – Red, white, rose. With beers, you get Budweiser and Amstel. Usual mixers. And as it is a ‘nightclub’, you actually get to order shots as well. For 250AED full price, that’s a deal. And we used the Entertainer so it was only 125AED per person! No tequila shots unfortunately, just vodka, rum and gin. Crazy, I know…..

Service – Our wines and beers were consistently replaced with with ones. Had to ask just a few times when they didn’t notice… but that was okay. The ‘birthday’ setup was perfect. Balloons, we all had party hats, party poppers, and the vodka was brought out with sparklers 🙂 All prepped by Hideout!

Ambience – One singer on stage, and in between it was 80s and 90s hits. Britney’s Oops I did it again… to Lee Ann Rimes Can’t fight the Moonlight to Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life. Music was too loud from the get go. Nightclub loud. You can’t hear the person across the table unless you can read lips. There were 7 of us, and initially they prepared two long tables but we just moved to one high table so we could actually talk to each other.

The Crowd – All the high tables were full – mixed groups, 20ish to 45 I suppose? All out to have a good time. People were singing along to the songs few hours in… 🙂

Price – One of the cheaper evening brunches in Dubai at 250AED including drinks. It’s in the Entertainer for the month of April so it’ll work out to be 125AED per person. Very cheap, and the food was actually not just ‘pub grub’ standard, it was actually quite good!

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Things that could be better?

As mentioned above, maybe turn down the volume a little ? 8pm at full blast was a bit much. In terms of interior and layout, I still preferred Societe. Go if you want a night out with your friends on a really reasonable cost. It’s not really a ‘first date’ place, it’s a nightclub y’know 🙂 You could start here, before you move on to the other party spots in the area, or in Barsha Heights.. 😉 Was it busy in the dancefloor? Not at all. Hopefully you’ll make a trip there this weekend if you’re reading this and bring the crowd in!

  • The Hideout Dubai
  • Website
  • Deal : 241 with the Entertainer Monthly Offers (April 2019), 250AED for brunch on Thursday and Friday evenings. Also, check out the post on facebook where if you tag a friend whose birthday falls in April, they’ll organise it for you on the house (Posted April 15th)

Disclaimer : We paid for the brunch at The Hideout, using the Entertainer App deal (which we paid for ourselves as well). All thoughts are our own 🙂 


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