#62 Getting a visa for our nanny under our own sponsorship in Dubai

I struggled to find one place that explained the entire process. I’m sure it’s there. So after a bit of googling, whatsapping mummy friends, searching on facebook groups, lots of phonecalls to numerous centres and running around, I got my maid/nanny’s visa completed.

Here’s what we did for our nanny who was already in the country on a tourist visa. Note that this is written September 2018, and is not an official piece so please do cross check with Tadbeer if rules have changed.

The entire process is now handled by a department called Tadbeer.

  • Website : Click here.
  • What to bring : The document below will show you exactly what you need to bring when you go to the centre.
  • Where is it : The one they publicise is the Tadbeer next to FAB Metro Station. There is parking underground. There is another Tadbeer next to Tub of Butter which I much preferred (simply because parking was right outside) – both do the same thing. Suggest not to bring the toddlers as there is no play area or what not at these places.
  • How long did it take? For me, from the first visit to the stamping at Immigration took 3 weeks. It would have been quicker if not for a few glitches which I will explain.
  • How much did it cost altogether for a 1 year visa : AED 10700.75
  • Things I wish I knew :
    • The centres do not take credit card, so make sure you bring enough cash for everything. There IS a ATM machine at Tasheel just 2 mins walk from the Tadbeer next to Tub of Butter.
    • Always have the sponsor’s original Emirates ID with you at ALL visits
    • Keep following up with Tadbeer at all times (See below)
Document from Tadbeer

1. Getting the Entry Permit.

  • Process : Bring all the documents below to Tadbeer.
  • Cost : We paid AED3252.75.
  • Note : Sponsor received a text immediately from MOHRE.
  • What happened next : Sponsor received an email the following day from MOHRE to state that the application had been approved, and with it attached the e-Visa which is valid for 2 months (which is the timeframe you have to complete the whole process)

2. Getting the Change of Status

  • Process : Print out the e-Visa, go back to Tadbeer and they will process the ‘Change of Status’.
  • Cost : We paid AED680.75.
  • Note : Sponsor received a text and email immediately from MOHRE to say the application has been approved.
  • What happened next : Sponsor should receive Change of Status paper in the email within 24-48 hours of approval.
  • My problem : So, when sponsor gets the email, it said that the application had been approved. However, we did NOT receive the Change of Status document which should had been attached to it. This is where I started ringing Tadbeer, who said we need to contact MOHRE, who told me to contact Immigration. Calls Immigration who say they no longer do anything with nanny’s visa and that we need to contact MOHRE and bla bla bla (and I’m at home dealing with a 2 year old’s tantrum and a newborn, huargh!)
  • What I should have done : If you do NOT get the Change of Status document via email within 48 hours of approval, just get your a%% to Immigration at Al Manara. They’ll print it for you.

3. Getting the medical and Emirates ID Application going

  • Process : Go back to Tadbeer to start the Emirates ID Application, as well as Medical Application.
  • Cost : We paid AED585.50.
  • Note : Sponsor received a text immediately that the Emirates ID application is under processing, and an email that the Fitness Health Application is successful.
  • What happened next : Sponsor received an email 2 days later from TADBEER with the Emirates ID Application Form (filled in and complete).

4. Bring your nanny for the medical tests

  • Process : Brought my nanny to the medical place in Ibn Battuta Mall – it’s next to DEWA at China Court (if you have HSBC card, you get free valet with Valtrans, just walk through Sharaf DG) There is a sweet kiosk there, make sure your toddler does not see it otherwise you’ll have to deal with super tantrums.
  • Website : Click here.
  • Cost : We paid AED110 to get it done in this branch. You could otherwise do it in Al Gubaiba or Al something that sounds so far away and so we just opted for the one closer to home
  • What happened next : Sponsor received an email 4 days later with the nanny’s Fitness Certificate from MOH.

5. Getting the medical insurance policy

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  • Process : Print out the Fitness Certificate and go back to Tadbeer for the Medical Insurance Policy.
  • Cost : We paid AED550 for the policy, plus AED50 for typing.
  • What happened next : With all this done, I was advised that I could now apply for the Residence Visa straight away.

6. Getting the Residency Visa Application

  • Process : Still at Tadbeer, they started the application.
  • Cost : We paid AED5471.75.
  • What happened next : Sponsor should get an email from MOHRE that the application is accepted. This is the last cue, where you head to Immigration at Al Manara to get the visa document to stick in your nanny’s visa.
  • My problem : After Tadbeer started the application, we received an email from MOHRE to state that our application has been returned with incomplete documents. I went back to Tadbeer with everything and they resubmitted it. I then received an email again from MOHRE that it was incomplete. Tadbeer couldn’t figure out what the problem is so I had to go back again to resubmit. If this happens to you, just go straight back to Tadbeer to save time.

Well, that’s all folks. I really hope this helped. In all honesty, it wasn’t as difficult as I had envisaged. The staff at Tadbeer next to Tub of Butter were very friendly and extremely helpful – I did not mind going back when I had to as there was always parking right in front (RTA paid parking), and I never had to wait for my turn (it was literally empty everytime!). Immigration at Al Manara was much busier, however women gets a different queue which is awesome. Just remember to wear a long skirt or pants otherwise security will tell you to go to the bathroom and put on an abaya 😀

Send me a message on twitter/instagram or below if you have any concerns 🙂

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