Post-Waterpark Dinner @ Bread Street Kitchen Dubai

We shifted to a table in one of the corners of the restaurant. Parked the pram, sat the 2-year old down and started to go through the menu. As we tried to settle down, I could not help but notice that the lady at the table next to us was staring at us.

The littlest one gave a cry – as a 4-month old does when hungry.

A very loud, “Oh my God,” could be heard within this buzzing, busy restaurant.

As I glanced over, the lady was practically staring at us. Her troupe was a group of adults.

I was in no mood to start a fight – we had just spent the latter part of the afternoon at Aquaventure : everyone was hungry and tired. And you don’t want to mess with a hungry and tired 2-year old, what not 30-something parents who is WITH that 2-year old. I quickly told my husband and we promptly left, finding another table by the corners, with at least 5 other tables in sight that had kids with them. Okay, we’re in safe zone. Time to eat 🙂

So, minus the not-so-great start to our dinner, how was our first experience at Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen? 🙂

Absolutely no issues with service throughout the night – from the chap over the phone when I rang to book a table, to the ladies at the front desk who brought us in and let us move from one table to the next, to the guy who took our orders up till the payment time.

Apologies for the bad photo quality tonight!

Ambience was quite good – lights were dim, music was not too loud – with the likes of Muse to Europe’s Final Countdown.

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With food, bread came quick, and I don’t remember waiting all too long for our mains either. My craft beef battered fish and chips was just what I needed after all that swimming (or rather, bobbing around on the floats). The batter was crispy, and the fish within juicy and rather generous in portion. The chips were large cuts of potatoes – served together with their homemade tartare sauce and minted pea puree, I was absolutely stuffed. I still cannot justify 135 AED for fish and chips when we pay about 25 AED for the newspaper wrapped takeaway by the beach we use to have every other weekend back home. But hey, I know, this is Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant and we are in Dubai so I’ll just stop doing these ridiculous comparisons 🙂

My husband’s braised beef shoulder served with sweet potato and turnips, though tender and delicious, was a steep 165 AED. I thought this place was meant to be casual dining? Or is it casual/fine dining? Like what people call ‘smart-casual’ these days and expect you to turn up in a suit and cocktail dress? To be fair, the chap over the phone did say we could turn up in casual attire as long as we weren’t wearing out swim-wear, so we were very casual. The price just wasn’t.

Thank goodness for Mr Entertainer, our bill for the night came up to 218 AED with one main removed – Note : a pint of Heineken costs 53 AED. That, deserves the OMG 🙂

Would we return?

If I could find somewhere else with Atlantis that is family-friendly and more reasonably priced – I would go elsewhere. Otherwise, we’ll just have to make do with Bread Street Kitchen for the summer since we will be back to Aquaventure many many times (bought the 3-month pass!) Glancing around as I left, it was pretty full for a Saturday night – with half of its patrons families. I wish I took a photo of the lady that staring at us at the beginning of the night. Just for memories, y’know. And if you are reading this, I do hope that one day when you have kids, you will get all the stares and OMGs you so enjoy giving right now 🙂

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Disclaimer : We paid for our meals. All thoughts are our own 🙂 

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4 thoughts on “Post-Waterpark Dinner @ Bread Street Kitchen Dubai

  1. I’m sooo glad you had a good experience there. First time I went was my last. It was terrible. Thinking about it, I pretty much don’t know anyone who would go back. Even those who have a not too disastrous experience wouldn’t go back because of the pricing.

    1. Hey you! I wouldn’t call the entire experience “good”, haha.. it was not too bad! Yeah it’s too expensive ay. 53 AED for a pint is pretty much over the top, they should introduce happy hour deals or similar! Did you write about your experience??

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