Lazy Weekend Breakfast @ Links, Address Montgomerie

The little girl was gifted an All Blacks jersey for her 1st birthday. What a lucky monkey. Even G and I don’t have one (the authentic ones cost a bomb!) ๐Ÿ™‚ So, when the Lions tour was on, we knew we had to go out and watch the game with the family. I had no idea where we could watch rugby and bring a little person (most sports bars here in Dubai seem to like to have its patrons leave the premises smoked out) – and then I remember a press release stating that Links in The Address Montgomerie was showing the game. Woohoo! ๐Ÿ™‚ Game on.

Unfortunately for the All Blacks, the Lions kicked their arses that day. The good part however was – we had a great time with the family. Paul the manager was quick to respond to my emails prior to us coming that a) yes, it is a family-friendly bar/restaurant, b) they do take the Entertainer for its breakfast menu and even better c) 1 kid eats for free for 2 paying adults!

We returned again few weekend later, after receiving an invite from their PR to come and review its breakfast menu. Happy to accept, as I had already known that their service to paying patrons was actually good (shout out to Nalin ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), and so was their food – well, dishes we had back then anyways ๐Ÿ™‚ So, here’s our thoughts on what we had, should you decide to come here for a late breakfast / brunch with the family – and yes, I do honestly recommend you give them a try.ย 

On what we had for food

We tried their South of the Border Burger (95AED) last weekend. That’s a solid 200grams of Angus Beef Patty topped with Beef Chilli (that’s, minced beef for you), a fried egg, sat on sliced avocado and greens, with monterey jack cheese. It was a monster of a burger, and you really cannot possibly fit all that in one bite (unless you have a gigantic mouth) – but the combination of it all – delicious. You could call it hungover food if you want ๐Ÿ™‚

South of the Border Burger (95aed)

Another “man’s breakfast” option is the masculine version of the egg’s benedict, also called by Links quite appropriately as the “Caveman Beef Steak Benedict” (90AED). So if you’re bored with those pretty poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and salmon, here’s one for you – with a generous portion of grilled striploin right in between. What a genius idea.

Caveman Beef Steak Benedict – 90aed

My choice however, was quite average. “The Burrito Classico” (55 AED) – basically all the breakfast goodness (scrambled eggs, veal bacon) with a mexican twist (mixed with black beans, avocado and tomato salsa) wrapped up in a burrito. The beans were bland and hard, maybe I should have added more salt to the eggs, I don’t know – it was not the best, especially when I was picking on the other meals on the table! I would probably try something else when we come back.

Burrito Classico (55 AED)

On our initial visit to Links few weeks back, we ordered the full english works. Priced reasonably at 65aed (with pork bacon and pork sausages, did I say!) – it gives the same deal at Reform just down the road a good competition. And they both take the Entertainer, FYI. We also had their ‘Butter Chicken just like home‘ (75aed) – which I would order again when we return. A bit sweet, a bit creamy, a little bit spicy. Just missing that bright orange hue of colouring they do in the land down under ๐Ÿ™‚


For an outlet within a hotel, 19AEDย for a cafe latte is considered cheap. Seriously. All coffees are 20AED and under. Unless you want a ‘Naughty Irish One’, that will be 45AED, ha ha. Not for breakfast though, I think! If you came here Sun – Thursday before 11:30am , a coffee and pastry will set you off at 16AED. Why did I not know about this when I was on my very long maternity leave. Why, why, why. Hint hint to all mums out there!!

The crowd

Even on a late summer morning, it was say 60% full. Mostly expats, probably those who live in the area. Family-oriented though i.e it wasn’t loud and rowdy at all. Just grown up men and women having food and maybe a drink or two. And yes, a lot quieter than Reform.

For the little ones

Yes, the place if ‘family-friendly’ so you can wheel in the pram or take the little walking ones. Kids between 0-12 can choose off a kids menu for free and their portions are generous! Here’s my hand model showing you what she had – mac and cheese with kale!, and the other week, she had spaghetti with quinoa meatballs. Obviously we finished most of it for her ๐Ÿ™‚

Mac and cheese (free!)
Spaghetti (free!)


Two things :

a) When we went there a few weeks back (for the first time), we did not know where Links was so we ended up at the main hotel. I was told by front desk ‘It’s just across the road’. NO, it is not ‘just across the road’, especially when you are walking with a pram and it is 45 degrees outside. Watch the signs when you’re driving, Links is in a standalone building with its own carpark. Don’t be a dumbass and ‘walk across the road’. Suggest to maybe include a map on the website that shows where Links is within the property.

b) Please include your breakfast menu on the website. It’s such a common error with a lot of the Address Hotel restaurants. Get it online!


Would I return? Yes. It overlooks the golf course, and there is a big play area outdoors with bouncy castle when the weather cools down so I think you’ll find us here quite often then ๐Ÿ˜‰ Service was actually very good when we were there as paying patrons (and no, they did not know that I was a blogger then) – so I can honestly say that yes, these guys know what they’re doing.

Give Links a shot for brekky/lunch with the family. Tell me how it goes.

  • Links
  • Websiteย 
  • Lazy Weekend Breakfast – 11:30 – 4pmย 
  • Deal : You can use the Entertainer, though please double check with the outlet before you order


Disclaimer : As stated in the review, we came to Links on two occasions. The first, as paying guests, using the Entertainer. The second, as guests of Links to review the breakfast menu.ย 

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