A Parisian Brunch “Reveil” @ La Cantine Du Faubourg Dubai

Saturdays are usually spent chilling at home. Recovering from the night after for some, doing your weekly groceries or maybe, catching up with friends at a laid-back brunch. La Cantine introduced just that few weeks back, as noted in their press release – to “indulge in the delights of a real Parisian bedroom.” So when we turned up at their media launch in our smart brunch attire (even the little one put on her best dress – a cream Mothercare frock) – and saw all staff wearing satin pyjamas – ha ha, we were amused. Something different ay.

For those who got a little excited – sorry to disappoint but these were proper button up pjs, no slips or anything ‘revealing’ (see what I did there? 😉 ) We later found out that Reveil actually meant clock in french, which was why every table had one and you could set off the alarm should you needed someone to attend to you (in lieu of simply raising your hand).

Few hours in, we left, a happy little family.

How was it? Would I recommend it? Would it be worth you paying full price for?

Thoughts, read on. 



You can sit outside in their terrace which would be perfect this time of the year, though we did opted to stay indoors as it was still quite warm on a mid-November afternoon. Soft music playing in the background, great if you were catching with friends or family. It’s a funny one as I felt this was very laid-back but yet sophisticated all the same. So yes, please put on something nice. Don’t turn up with shorts and jandals.



Ala-carte. You get to choose from an extensive menu of pastries, eggs, signatures and sweets.

Honestly, as much as I would love to (really..) – I couldn’t fault any of the dishes that we tried that afternoon. Either they did a great job on its media launch, or their food is actually – good. I thought the brunch was a great way to try out what La Cantine had to offer as you could pick a bit of this and that. The crepes, the waffles, the french toast – all from the pastries selection came instagram-perfect and tasted as it looked – delicious.

Selection from ‘Pastries’

From the signatures, you get about 15 or so choices – pick and choose as you wish and they serve it to the table fresh from the kitchen. Our favourites would have been the seared marinated beef  with sliced green mango, sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds. Served tataki-style as it would have been in a japanese restaurant – excuse my ignorance – I didn’t know the french did the same as well. Lots of vegetarian choices – we chose just one of the many – a quinoa salad served with roasted apples, fennel and cranberries – light and appetising. Even the monk fish – which was their catch of the day served with grilled vegetables was delicious – so much better than what we had at St Regis’ brunch few months back.

And to finish of the afternoon – we had an Eton Mess, and the classic french dessert – a tiramisu served in a nice chilled glass. Perfecto.


Drinks, and the damage?

Reasonably priced for what you get – 250 AED for the non-alc package which includes mocktails, juices (yes, fresh!), soft drinks and …the best bit – hot beverages as well (shout out to Caitlyn!). I think this should be the benchmark for all brunches – offer fresh juice, soft drinks and hot beverages in your non-alcoholic package and you’re fine to charge 250 AED.

380 AED for house wines, sangria’s, pimm’s and beers. Then there’s the fancy one – 495 AED for aperol spritzers, bubbly sangria’s and moet and chandon champagne (yes, please!).

For good serve to table french fare in such a setting, I think it is very reasonably priced.

What could be better? 

The only faults I could find on the media launch was  :

a) food took quite awhile to come out. So yes the kitchen will need to step up a little to ensure there’s always something on the table, before guests get irritated (or hungry…) for paying guests.

b) with a full house of media and paying guests, and I am sure a group of well-briefed staff, it was still very difficult to get their attention and be served. Possibly a nervous bunch as this was a launch, hopefully they’ve gotten better over these coupla weeks.

So there you go, our thoughts. A brunch to head to if you’re feeling like good french food on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Something different. I dare you to go the extra mile and turn up in your own satin pjs if you wish. And plonk yourself on the nice big bed in the middle for a snooze, and send me a tweet 😉 Enjoy.

  • Reveil Brunch
  • La Cantine Du Fauborg, Jumeirah Emirates Towers (free valet)
  • Every Saturday, 12pm to 4pm.
  • Selection of viennoiseries, eggs, signatures dishes and deserts
  • 250 AED – Including mocktails, fresh juice, water, hot beverage
  • 380 AED – Including white wine, red wine, rose, sangria, pimms, beer
  • 496AED – Including aperol spritzer, champagne & champagne sangria

Disclaimer : We were guests of The Portsmouth Group and La Cantine Du Fauborg for the brunch. Thoughts are our own, though it is entirely up to you to judge.

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  1. I went for lunch here a few weeks back (really must catch up on my writing!) and it was stunning. Staff are a bit above themselves, but the food was worth it. Good to know they have a brunch now. That’s on my list for the new year!!

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