Breakfast with the family @ Plantation, Sofitel JBR

Dear Sofitel JBR, someone needs to re-look at your website! I’ve just tried to find the details of the awesome breakfast deal that we had yesterday (keywords : breakfast sofitel jumeirah beach residence) so I could link my blog post to it later on, but failed. Click, click, click, click, still nothing. So, you must be wondering, how did I know about it? 

The process

The very resourceful Dubai Marina Mums facebook page (yes, it’s a closed group ;)) – so I’ll give credits to the mum (you know who you are) who recommended this deal to me 🙂 Thinking back, last June, when Rawaj International was still handling the PR for Sofitel JBR, I was sent the press release for this new deal – 45 AED for a cooked breakfast including juice and coffee/tea. Sounds pretty good ay. It has been so long I completely forgot about it. Then came the recommendation from the group, and after much attempts trying to google for the details (and failing), I resorted to the very handy Citispi app and ta da – the details were there. Good job, Citispi team. 

Moving on (Guys, if it takes someone like me so much effort to find this deal, something’s wrong).

The reservations

Rang. Booked a table for 4. No issues.

How was it?

Well-value for money, food was good, service, too.

Details – The place?

And look, an art exhibition is on as well right now 🙂
Sofitel JBR’s infinity pool

You kind of have to walk through A.O.C to get to Plantation. A bit odd but, you get there. It’s quite a nice sun-lit area, with access to the terrace / pool. No, you don’t get to actually use the pool, haha (I wish…), but you get to at least have a peek, and wish you were in it 🙂

And the ordering part, the food, the drinks? 

No issues with ordering. Menu was clear, staff was also very friendly, and clear.

You get three options – The Fry Up (the one with everything in it), The Wellness (for you healthy lot), and the Oriental (Arabic). Oh did I forget to mention that there’s pork bacon and pork sausages too?????? 

Details of what you get

They are extremely generous with bread (I forgot to take a photo of the bread basket!!!) – but for the wellness brekky you get all that multigrain and brown stuff. We all loved it.. Then comes the first tray to kick start your day – fruits, nuts, yoghurt for wellness set, and for the fry up you get mini pancakes with a smiley face on it (kids will love those).


Then came the main deal and this was mine. On nom nom nom 🙂

The ‘fry up’ breakfast

Yes you get orange juice as well, and a cup of tea or coffee. The only thing that I could possibly critique is the coffee – it’s ti-ny. A small little cup that you’ll down in a few minutes and for someone who loves their morning hot drink, you’ll probably want to ask for more (and yes it’s additional cost). Can’t really complain too much, it is 45 AED for all that so if they want to keep their coffee in a small cup, by all means, keep it that way 🙂

We stayed for a bit, then asked for the bill. They made a mistake and gave us someone else’s bill (two sets only, instead of four. Yay, a 241, as well? Haha). We promptly told them that we had been undercharged, before he returned to give us the right one.

All in all, a lovely morning spent. There’s valet, you can stay as long as you want, its comfortable for the littles ones (i.e babies) as it’s air-conditioned and there are couches should you want to sit in those. Can’t fault it at all, especially for 45 AED per person and apparently (according to the old press release, and Citispi app details) – it’s served all day long!!! Yes, a place to definitely bring your guests over or just pop in on a schoolday / weekend!

So Sofitel. Send me the link to this deal on your website please so I can link it properly and update this post 🙂 Someone, please fix up the website. Or you just link directly to my post 🙂

Cheers for a great morning nonetheless (special thanks to Misghana who took care of us all, great service always makes a difference 🙂 )!

Disclaimer : We paid for our meals. All thoughts are our own. 

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