Lunch Date @ Coya, Four Seasons Beach Resort Dubai

Coya, colourful Coya. Much love and thought has been put into the interior design, and I’ll dare say the same for their food.

Early last week, I met up with blogger friend C from for lunch. I have been to their Members’ Club Lounge early this year, and as we left the venue I had a peek at the rest of the restaurant and thought – this looks pretty, probably very expensive?

Months passed and Coya has been thrown into conversation various times with friends – and let’s just say it’s not been very positive , summarized to “tiny portions” and “very expensive”. So when C mentioned that they do a lunch deal of AED 130 for three dishes (click here, linked directly to Coya’s menu) – I thought, that’s not too bad. At least I know what I’m paying for and would not get a surprise at the end of the meal.



Decor & Ambience

I’ll give the interior designer lots of thumbs up for what they’ve done with this place. My mum would take a million photos here. Rich colours, wooden flooring, and excuse my ignorance but what on earth is that supported on racks above the restaurant here? Doesn’t matter, it’s all beautiful and looks postcard perfect.


What’s in the Coya Business Lunch menu, and how was it?

Not part of the menu, we were first served some made-at-table (don’t you just love those) guacomole with nachos. I love avocados and eat it a lot, so this was a good appetising start whilst we wait for our meal.


From the menu, first came the salmon nikkei. The celery juice marinade gave it really fresh taste, together with the ginger, daikon and wasabi tobiko (fish roe) – we were loving it so far and looking forward to what’s next.


Next came what they call the “Ensalada de Espinaca Spinach” which is basically a spinach salad, tossed with aji mirasol ( peruvian sun-dried chilli pepper), doused in sesame and topped with radish. Not a very professional foodie comment but, it looks like a cute little christmas tree, doesn’t it? An interesting combination, but a tasty one too.

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One of our favourites that day – the “Maki Roll de Aguacate y Sesame.” I never really liked vegetarian sushi rolls – last I had were at Ramusake, which wasn’t all that great – click here to read. But Coya does it well – the combination of shiitake mushrooms within, with avocado and guess what – quinoa (talk about original!), topped on the outside with avocado (again), a little piece of aji limo (peruvian chilli pepper) and a sprinkle of black sesame. Hello vegetarians – if you’re coming to Coya you have to order this dish!


A dish I’ll probably would give it a miss next time is the chicken gyoza topped with …this. Two small pieces of gyoza underneath. Pass.


C chose the “Filete de Dorada” which is pan-fried (?) sea bream with fennel salad.  Bit too fishy for my liking.


I would highly recommend their “Lomo Saltado” – the beef was very tender, stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, potatoes, served with peruvian rice. Not too sure if I liked it because it was a very chinese dish, maybe? ๐Ÿ™‚


At this point we were both surprisingly very full, when we were lastly treated to a refreshing dessert of what I can only describe as crushed ice and mixed berries, and sorbet. I couldn’t find this on the menu online, and if you do go to Coya, you have to order this ๐Ÿ™‚


Why you should give Coya a try

I’m sure a lot of people would say it is a very expensive restaurant. Now give their lunch menu a try instead, it’s a good way to sample what they have to offer, and at least you know what you’re paying. I was quite surprised to be really full from the lunch, and do think it is priced reasonable at 130 AED.

You are paying for the whole experience – the place, the ambience, the thought given to every dish which is prepared with a lot of love, and c’mon they even use different coloured plates to present it – how many restaurants that you know do that?

Is it kid-friendly, you may ask? Hmm, honestly – though I did bring my little one in a pram (and yes, she was asleep all throughout….again) – I would suggest you save this for a date night. If you’re out and about on a weekday, then by all means bring the little ones here as it is very quiet, at least it was on a Sunday afternoon. Let me know how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Coya Restaurant
  • Four Seasons Jumeirah Resort Dubai
  • Deal : Lunch menu – 3 dishes for 130 AED 

Disclaimer : We paid for our meals. All thoughts are our own ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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