#53 The Adventures of Mr Mustard : My Favourites

If you’re staying in the UAE for Eid, I did a collection of cool deals around town that you may go to, for Citispi – click here to have a browse through πŸ˜‰

If you’re planning to go away, like step into a plane and fly somewhere, here’s a summary of the places that we’ve been to for leisure or work to give you a bit of inspiration (hopefully) – put together by my favourite Mr Mustard instagram photos πŸ™‚ Also just to remind myself that I’ve been to a lot of places so I shouldn’t be so sad that everyone else is going away (and will try and not look at facebook for the next two weeks…:D )

A mini introduction – long before my main instagram account came about, I started Mr Mustard. It was a highlight of travelling ( I know, pretty sad ay ) – where shall I put him this time? Where will be a cool shot? πŸ™‚ I know it’s weird but I always get lazy to actually blog about our travels, as Β most of what’s important is covered in his posts anyways. Click here to browse through the miscellaneous travel write-ups that I have done.

Enjoy! And yeah, we’ll take him out soon……

  • TurkeyΒ – Β Istanbul –Β Grand Bazaar – I like this because it was the very very first photo of Mr Mustard ever

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#travellinggnome #turkey #findmrmustard #steps

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  • Turkey – Istanbul – Random street near our hotel – You can imagine the discussion I had with G on getting this shot done – and yes I had do it quick !


  • Austria – Vienna –Β I do a lot of these shots – put him in a crowd and walk away, thought I may not be able to do it nowadays with all the…things…that’s going with the world..

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#sunset πŸ™‚ #wien

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  • Germany –Β Neuschwanstein Castle –Β Not much ‘risk-factor’ to this shot, I just love it as the castle is so beautiful!

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Found my #castle πŸ™‚

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  • Bocas Del Toro – off Panama City, The Caribbean –Β Again no risk factor, we had most of the place to ourselves… just had to put it up cause it’s so beautiful πŸ™‚


  • Bocas Del Toro – Cayo Coral –Β This was actually taken quite far away.. I walked all the way to the pier, set him down, and then came back to take this one shot, he he. Again G in the background going.. hurry up!


  • Panama – Casco Vejo –Β Love love love this shot. Especially when the lady walked pass! Casco Vejo is such a colourful city in Panama. I took so many shots of Mr Mustard there.


  • Β Georgia – Kazbegi – Risk factor – SUPER HIGH. If he fell, that’s it… Mr Mustard somewhere in the valleys in the beautiful Kazbegi region of Georgia


  • Nepal – Kathmandu –Β We went to Kathmandu before the earthquakes so I’m not sure if the temple is still there 😦


  • Greece – DelphiΒ –Β You can see why I loved mucking around with this toy, hehe. I sat him there, went up and watched (for a long time). These other tourists came around.. hehe, and yes I waved back. Again, something I don’t think we can longer do..


  • Greece – Santorini – Beautiful Santorini. Take me back πŸ™‚


  • Greece –Β Athens –Β Love the colours, the graffiti.


  • China – Harbin – I love the look on the ladies’ face.


  • China – Harbin – Dog-sledding –Β Risk-factor – again super high, hahaha. I had him stuck between my knees as we sledded through the frozen lake and yes it was frickin’ cold.


  • Cyprus – Milomeris Falls – Again one of those crazy shots where I had to step over stones trying not to fall into the water (and no I didn’t fall ), tip toe and perch him on the rock, walk a bit further so I’m not in the photo as G took it, ha ha.


  • Italy – Florence – Again, one of the many crowd shots


  • Italy – Venice – He he risk factor – high ! You can hardly see him


There you go. Go check him out on instagram, I haven’t posted for months now. Not sure when our next holiday abroad will be!…. Till then πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “#53 The Adventures of Mr Mustard : My Favourites

    1. Hahaha lol! Imagine that, lol! Sad that I can no longer do a lot of these photos though I.e leaving him in a crowd or unattended. Ah I forgot to put up the one in a park in Istanbul where a crow came and started pecking at him lol


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