Grand Brunch Buffet & Karaoke @ Asiana Hotel

Problem : It’s the weekend. You and your mates want to go out for an evening brunch that’s not too expensive. You wanna go for karaoke as well after, and you just don’t want to end up spending a fortune. Where, oh where shall you go?

Solution : Here’s an easy answer for ya, if you don’t mind travelling up to Deira for it 🙂 –> Grand Brunch Buffet at Asiana Hotel + Karaoke at Yuraku after.

Cost? : If there’s about ten of you, including karaoke for say 3 hours, and free-flow drinks, you’ll end up spending 250 AED all-in.

Food, what do you get? : Asian-themed buffet – with food over three restaurants : Sonamu for Korean – from beef bulgogi to kimchi to korean pancakes, Hanabi for Japanese – from sushi with salmon, okonomiyaki, edamame, tempura, and Yuraku for everything pork – mainly Filipino-style – lecon kawali, crispy patas.

There’s a little pasta station as well for those who want something different, dim sums, basic Peking duck.

Drinks, what do you get? : Anything from this open-bar. Feel free to take a few bottles if you wish 🙂 Or be a bit more posh and ask the bartender to pour it into a beer glass for you.  For those not drinking, there’s apple, pineapple and orange juice (from the carton), and soft drinks.


Any tips? : Last drinks are at 10:30pm. If you booked your karaoke room early, say 9:30pm – you can start bringing drinks into the room to last for the next few hours 😉 Note : Room charge is 100AED an hour.

Price? : 199AED inclusive of alc, 139AED for non-alc and 129AED for food only. There’s a 10% tax so don’t be surprised when you get charged for a little bit more at the end of your night 🙂

My thoughts? : Great, if you’re a fan of japanese, korean, filipino and chinese food. It’s not fancy fancy i.e you won’t get fresh salmon sashimi or alaskan crab legs (i.e like at Saffron), but it’s for the price with drinks and all, it’s well worth it 🙂

Service was a bit of a let down, as they failed to clear the plates the table throughout the night. I had to actually take the plates and walk across the room to pass it to the staff both times, and they didn’t seem to take the hint. By the end of the night the entire table (group of ten) was filled with empty plates. Generally they were friendly and smiles and all, so it’s fine, they just need to pick up on service.

Karaoke room thoughts? : This is our usual spot, we’ve been here a lot of times (click here for previous write-up) but this is the first time back since they renovated the place.

Honestly we don’t really like the new layout. They used to have tatami rooms which was pretty cool, not sure why they changed it to a standard dining table style. Ah well, it’s a good price and after a few drinks, it doesn’t really matter! 🙂

Will be back 🙂

Disclaimer : We went to the Grand Brunch Buffet on our own account, with our group of friends. Post is not sponsored. 

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